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LOOK: Luke Combs, Wife Nicole Live It Up on ‘First Trip Away From Tex’

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

It appears that Luke Combs and his wife Nicole managed to slip away for some personal time away from their child Tex. And as we can see from these photos that Nicole shared on Instagram, they are having a good time in the Virgin Islands. Getting some time in the water while also having a couple of adult beverages. Looks like a good time was being had by the couple. Still, Nicole does say that they spent time looking at pictures of their son. We can imagine that they are very proud parents these days. But getting away for some fun in the sun is never a bad idea. We get a series of three photos here with the happy couple even getting close for a smooch in here, too.

What were the fans saying in the comments? As it turns out, they were quite talkative. One wrote, “Love yall so much hey everyone needs a little love time!” And this fan writes, “You guys are so cute”. Well, they do make for a cute couple in these photos here.

Luke Combs Called Out Dumb Fan That Threw Cup Of Ice At Him

While Combs looks happy and contented right here, there was a moment when the country music singer was less than cool. And he had a right to be upset. After all, if some dumb fan is throwing a cup of ice your way, then what type of fan is the person? We don’t think that it’s a good fan at all. This took place during a concert in Ottawa, Canada. Combs was wrapping up his 2022 tour by going up to the Great White North. Combs happened to have been singing one of his more touching songs in Even Though I’m Leaving.

Ever the professional, Luke Combs did finish the number. After it, though, he had some strong words for that person. Maybe the person was a little bit drunk and decided to be foolish. A video happened to catch all the action as it went down. The person filming even got Combs bringing the heat to this person. “Hey hardass, where you at? Hey hardass, I’m talking to you. Where you at?” Combs said from the stage. “You throwing sh*t at me? You ain’t so tough now are you?”

Meanwhile, as you could tell, we started out this story with the lovely couple taking a break from their son. But there are some deep and beautiful rewards for being a parent. What is the most rewarding part for Combs? “I would just say, really, it’s like the little things that are the biggest reward,” Luke Combs told Taste of Country in an interview.