LOOK: Riley Green Poses With Impressive Buck He Bagged While Bowhunting

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

It doesn’t take much to have Riley Green share what he’s been doing out while bowhunting but these photos are pretty impressive. Green, a country music artist, popped up on Instagram and threw down these shots. Apparently, he’s quite proud of his catch here. Hunters probably will be drooling over seeing this buck that’s now the property of Green. Let’s see what Green wrote in his caption area for the photo, too.

Fans were enthusiastic in their praise and support for Green’s catch. One wrote, “Nice!!! Congratulations”. Another one said, “That’s A Beast Dude, Congratulations”. Heck, even Outsider’s own Marty Smith stopped by to offer a one-word comment: “Thump.” Oh, Marty added a bullseye emoji along with his comment. This fan outdid Marty with a two-word comment. The person wrote, “Beautiful Buck”.

Riley Green Enjoyed Showing Off His Hard Work Paying Dividends

Hunters collectively will rejoice at what Riley Green accomplished out in the great outdoors. We don’t know if Green nabbed this buck on Monday or maybe it was from a weekend of fun. It’s not that important. What matters to Green is that he made a good shot and got his buck. As he said in his caption with a little hashtag action, Green simply said #weouthere. Boy, the hunters appear to be out and about when it comes to bucks and the rut. Also, we don’t know the place or location of this capture.

Still, Riley Green will just be a happy hunter showing off his catch. We did get two photos of Green with his buck. Then we have one of just the animal by itself. Again, Riley Green just appears to be quite happy with the results of his being out on the bowhunting trail. Meanwhile, what else is happening in the world of Riley Green? Back in July, we happened to get a couple of new songs from the singer. Yep, Riley dropped Get Back Home and Drinkin Tonight for his fans to have a good time listening to over and over again.

Additionally, Green happened to talk in an interview with Connect Savannah about his music. “I think it’s really hard for a new artist to go from ‘Hey, I know this song, but I don’t know who sings it’ into ‘Oh, that’s a Riley Green song,'” he said. “I think that probably comes from maybe too much bouncing (around stylistically) with your first few singles.” We imagine that his fans are loving all the music that he puts out these days. Green has built up quite a following and continues to add his musical touch to his own songs.