LOOK: Thomas Rhett Posts Rare Photo With His Sister

by Blake Ells
(Photo by Terry Wyatt/Getty Images)

Thomas Rhett is a family man, but he isn’t often seen on social media with his sister. Not long ago, he visited his hometown and shared a photo with her at a local high school football game. Her name is Kasey Brandon. Check out the pair below.

“Me and my sister Kasey Akins Brandon momming and dadding at a high school football game on my first Friday night at home since I don’t know when. Life is good. Thanks for taking this picture, Lauren Akins,” he captioned the photo.

Fans loved seeing the two together.

“You look alike … your daughters look like her,” replied one follower.

“Omg! That’s my son in the background!” said another that had no idea Thomas Rhett was back at home.

“It’s the flip flops for me,” said one fan, who was digging his casual style.

“Imagine just going to a football game and seeing Thomas Rhett,” suggested another.

“You could walk right by me, and you’d blend right in at a hometown football game. Hope y’all enjoyed every minute!” said another.

Thomas Rhett and his wife, Lauren, just celebrated ten years together. The two actually met when they were in kindergarten, but he didn’t realize until around 2011 that there was something more there. He asked her on a date and six months later, he asked her to marry him.

“With the whole outlook of Where We Started. For me I kinda look back to when I first started in this career, when I first got married and just looking at Lauren and being like, dang,” he said. “Ten years ago, you and I were riding in a Sprinter van with eight other dudes in my band and we were doing 300 shows a year.”

Thomas Rhett on the Road in 2022

Thomas Rhett still has a few dates on the road this year, but his tour will carry him into the new year. Next up is Vibrant Arena in Moline, Ill. on October 13. He’ll wrap his year with stops in Evansville, Ind. and Fairborn, Ohio this weekend. Next year, he takes the whole thing to the Great White North. His Canadian tour kicks off in Vancouver at Rogers Arena on February 9. He’s all across the country in February. He hits Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatoon, Winnipeg and Toronto among many other stops. The trek wraps in Ottawa at Canadian Tire Center on February 25. Then he’ll finally get his first break since at least last summer. But he’s always toured hard, so who knows? Maybe more dates are coming soon. Check out everything on Thomas Rhett’s calendar and get ticket information for each stop at his website.