Loretta Lynn Buried on Her Ranch During Private Funeral, Public Memorial Planned

by Suzanne Halliburton
Brett Carlsen/Getty Images for Cracker Barrel

Family and friends laid Loretta Lynn to rest Friday at a private funeral on her massive Tennessee estate. But a bigger tribute is planned so that her fans can pay their final respects.

Lynn was the undisputed queen of country music. She was 90 when she died early Tuesday morning at her home. Three days later, about 100 people came to her private funeral on her Hurricane Mill’s estate. She was buried in the family cemetery on the estate.

Loretta Lynn also left plans for a public funeral, a memorial service her fans could attend. Family spokesperson Ebie McFarland confirmed plans for a public memorial. However, McFarland offered no other details about the private service.

Lynn’s ranch is 3,800 acres. She even owned the entire town of Hurricane Mills. And a good chunk of the ranch is a public campground and tourist attraction. She moved from the family mansion to a smaller home on the property. The estate also features a Native American artifact museum and a replica of her family home in Kentucky. Plus, there’s a museum for all the dolls that fans sent Loretta Lynn through the years. It seems the most appropriate place to honor her life.

Fans mourned the death of Loretta Lunn and are awaiting details about her public memorial. The country legend was buried Friday at the family cemetery. (Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

Family of Loretta Lynn Hasn’t Offered Many Details About Her Death or Funeral

Her family hasn’t offered many details about her death. We know it was a quiet one at her home. Peggy, her daughter, wrote on Facebook that her mother spoke about her own passing hours before she died. Peggy said that her mother knew that her husband, Doo, would be coming for her to take her to heaven.

Lynn’s daughter quoted a conversation she had with her mother: “‘They told me I’m really going home. She really said that (Monday) … She knew, she just knew and was happy.”

“Daddy just came a took her hand and they are together in each others arms i know,” Peggy wrote on Facebook.

Her daughter also wrote: “Mom over these last few years after her stroke so missed her fans`, her music, her friends. singing and performing. She missed her tour bus, her dresses and most of all her connection to her audience. She spoke about going back on tour again and singing all the time. (And) she would sing all the time at home, she would scare the caregivers to death when in the middle of the night break out in song at the top of her lungs. She was and will always be Loretta Lynn.., I guess she needed to remind them she had chops:).”

Loretta Lynn is survived by four children. Her husband, Doolittle, preceded her in death. He passed away in 1996. In addition, the couple’s two oldest children also have died. Maybe on a quiet night in Middle Tennessee, they all came to take their wife/mother back home.

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