Loretta Lynn Gets ‘Priceless’ Surprise From Alan Jackson in Video Posted Following Country Icon’s Death

by Blake Ells
(Photo by Terry Wyatt/Getty Images for Country Music Hall Of Fame & Museum)

Alan Jackson once gave a surprise phone call to Loretta Lynn, and Lynn’s stylist captured it all on film. Check out the video shared by Melissa Schleicher on Tuesday.

“So for years while I was getting Loretta ready she would always ask about Alan Jackson and talk about how much she loved him. I was getting her ready one day with [Patsy Russell] and I called Alan and asked him to surprise her and of course he did. I will cherish this video of two of my longest clients and cherish forever. Please enjoy this priceless video,” she captioned the video post.

Loretta Lynn takes the phone from her stylist while it’s on speaker.

“Hey, Alan,” she begins. “I love you.”

Schleicher tells Lynn to tell him who she is.

“He knows who it is,” Loretta Lynn says. “How you been doing baby?”

“I’ve been doing good, how about you?” Alan Jackson responds.

“I been doing real good,” she replies. “But I worry about you all the time, you know?”

“I worry about you!” he replies.

“Well don’t worry about me, now,” she instructs. “I love you so much.”

“I love you, too,” Alan Jackson says. “You’re the sweetest thing. You’re such a legend in this business.”

“My girlfriend is trying to fix my hair up here a little bit,” Lynn says. “I told her, I said, you was my boyfriend but didn’t know it.”

Alan Jackson shared a laugh with her over the sentiment. “I’m glad to be your boyfriend,” he said.

“Well, I’m glad to be your girlfriend, honey,” she replied. The two agreed that their “relationship” can be a secret.

“Don’t tell nobody,” she joked. “We’ll keep that to ourselves.”

Alan Jackson Joins Country Music World in Mourning Loretta Lynn

Lee Ann Womack replied to the video.

“Sooooooo sweet,” she said.

Womack paid a tribute of her own to the iconic singer on Tuesday.

“England lost their queen and now we’ve lost ours,” she said.

Alan Jackson’s moment with Loretta Lynn was just one of the funny anecdotes that the country community shared in honoring her life. Carrie Underwood recalled her first time meeting Lynn at the Grand Ole Opry.

“The first time I met Loretta Lynn was at the Grand Ole Opry at the beginning of my career,” she said. “I was chatting in the corner with another artist and someone walked behind me and smacked me on the rear end! I turned around and there she was…in a big sparkly dress…laughing as she continued to walk down the hall at what she had just done.”

Carly Pearce was already scheduled to perform at the Opry on Tuesday evening. She’ll be among those paying tribute.