Loretta Lynn Marks Official Start of Summer With Classic Throwbacks From ‘Summer Days Gone By’

by Lauren Boisvert

Summer is officially here, and country music sweetheart Loretta Lynn is celebrating with some throwback photos from past summers in her life. She made a post on Instagram with several old photos, some dating way back to what looks like her childhood. Recently, in May, she also posted in celebration and remembrance of Memorial Day.

“Summer is here in full force!” she wrote in her caption. “Rivers, lakes, and porches were made for summer! So many good memories from summer days gone by. Go make some memories!”

The photos range from Loretta Lynn’s early days, to more recent snaps from various summers. So many summers spent playing, laughing, performing, and just being; no wonder Loretta Lynn likes summertime. She’s truly made some amazing memories during those times, if her photo evidence is anything to go by.

Loretta Lynn recently celebrated Father’s Day with a few throwback photos as well. She posted a heartfelt note on Twitter about her own father, including some photos of him from her childhood. “I can’t ever explain enough how I loved him. He was the best,” she wrote of her father, Ted Webb. “Gentle and wise and such a hard working man. I guess he was always working. He loved mommy so much and he loved us. I’d give anything for him to see me sing—especially at the @opry. He was gone too soon.”

Ted Webb died at the age of 52 from black lung disease, a common ailment of coal miners. Lynn wrote “Coal Miner’s Daughter” about her father, as well as the song “They Don’t Make ‘Em Like My Daddy Anymore.”

“I sure miss him and I promise you they don’t make ‘em like my daddy anymore,” she continued, quoting her song.  “If you still have yours,” she wrote, “hug him and do something special for him. They’re gold!”

Loretta Lynn Also Remembers Conway Twitty On the Anniversary of His Death

Loretta Lynn and Conway Twitty were an electric country music duo from 1971 to 1988, making 11 albums together. My favorite song of theirs is “You’re the Reason Our Kids Are Ugly,” which is a fun back and forth between a husband and wife complaining about the little frustrations in their lives together, but still staying happily married.

On the 29th anniversary of Conway Twitty’s death, June 5, Loretta Lynn shared a touching post on Instagram about her legendary musical partner, along with a sweet photo of the two of them. “I was there on this day in 1993 when we lost him. Doo [Lynn’s husband] and I were heartbroken. So heartbroken. It didn’t seem real,” she wrote. “I still miss him. What I wouldn’t give to sing with him one more time. He was like a brother to me and a girl couldn’t have ask for a better friend. We made some great music and some great memories.”