Loretta Lynn Remembers Military Members Who Sacrificed Everything in Memorial Day Message

by Lauren Boisvert

Country music sweetheart Loretta Lynn shared a message on Twitter this Memorial Day; she thanked those who gave their lives to military service and the families who had to say goodbye to them. “They gave all,” she wrote. “We can never repay them. Thank you for your sacrifice and thank you to all the precious families who gave them up for us.”

There have been many celebrities taking to social media today to recognize Memorial Day. Country music stars like Travis Tritt, who wrote, “As we celebrate this Memorial Day with cookouts and gatherings of family and friends, please remember all our US military members who lost their lives in service of our country. These are the brave and selfless souls we honor with this day.”

Jon Pardi also wrote on Twitter, “I say it every year… thank you will never be enough. Today is about remembering and honoring those we’ve lost, for our freedom.” Tim McGraw also recognized the holiday. He wrote, “Today we remember and honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom and the country we love. Let us never forget.”

Loretta Lynn’s husband, Oliver “Doolittle” Lynn served in the Army during WWII. Her son Jack was in the Army in Korea. Jack drowned near the family ranch in 1984. Additionally, her younger son, Ernest, was a Marine. While neither her sons nor her husband died during their military service–her son Ernest being still alive–she still strongly urges remembrance on Memorial Day. It’s an important time for a lot of veterans and families.

Loretta Lynn Reminds Us of the Importance of Memorial Day, Here’s What Other Celebrities Are Saying About the Holiday

Trace Adkins performed a moving rendition of “Arlington” yesterday in honor of Memorial Day. Plus at PBS’ Memorial Day Concert, country singer Craig Morgan sang his song “The Father, My Son, and the Holy Spirit.”

Craig Morgan, himself a veteran, made a statement that urged all service members to be proud of their work and sacrifice. “Every service member, regardless of where or when they served, they should be proud,” he said, “be proud of what they have done and the privilege that they have served.”

Trace Adkins posted a video of himself performing his 2005 song “Arlington” in an open studio setting. The song debuted as the second single on his album “Songs About Me,” and is still a tear-jerking hit. He left the caption simple, writing only, “Trace performs ‘Arlington’ #memorialdayweekend.”

In addition to country singers, Yellowstone stars Cole Hauser and Kevin Costner also made statements regarding the holiday. Cole Hauser posted on Instagram, “From my family to all those families that have lost a love one protecting this great nation. We are thinking of you today. They will always be remembered, never forgotten.” Kevin Costner remembered playing a show for USO Troops in 2010, calling it “one of the most special experiences we’ve shared” as a band.