Loretta Lynn’s Family Posts Emotional Thanksgiving Day Message: ‘We Desperately Miss Her’

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Erika Goldring/WireImage)

While celebrating Thanksgiving, Loretta Lynn’s family posted an emotional message about this year’s holiday without the country music icon. 

“Thankful,” the message, which was posted on Loretta Lynn’s website, begins. “We are thankful, so thankful.  It’s a strange thing to be thankful while also being heartbroken…but we are deeply, fully both. We miss her. We desperately miss her.”

The family also stated that there are no words about the way the country music star has been to the world. “ Our lives orbited around her, while strangely and simultaneously she made us feel like the center of hers. She was witty, funny, beautiful, adorable, feisty, particular, clever, naive, wise, firm, generous, and loving. And that was just a normal day’s life for Loretta Lynn.”

The family then described Loretta Lynn as being talented, persistent, legendary, famous, a trailblazer and so much more to the world. But to her family, she was bigger than all of that. “She was an anchor and a best friend to each of us. Somehow, mom was best friends with each of her children. She told us what we didn’t want to hear when necessary, but loved us more deeply than anyone on the planet. Her laugh filled the room. Her feisty comments cracked us up and, when we suffered or ached, her love enveloped us.”

Loved Ones of Loretta Lynn Reflect on the Past Month and a Half Without Her

Loretta Lynn’s family further shared that over the past month and a half since her death, they have cried, hugged, busied themselves, and walked around “shell-shocked” with the thought that she is gone. “She’s gone. Never again will she answer the phone, give us a call, crack a joke, or sing us a new song. It’s surreal. Life without Loretta Lynn is a country music anomaly, but life without our mother seems impossible—a bad dream that should end.”

The family went on to add that they now know firsthand the depth of grief so many have experienced when it comes to losing their mothers. “Now we understand what she meant when telling us she missed her mommy so much and at times even ached for her. One consolation is knowing they’re together again.”