Loretta Lynn’s Granddaughter Speaks Out After the Country Music Icon’s Death

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by James Goulden Photography/Getty Images for SXSW)

Ready to speak out about the death of Loretta Lynn, the country music icon’s granddaughter, Tayla Lynn, opens up about the tragic loss. 

In an Instagram post, Tayla shares a sweet picture of her and Loretta Lynn. “Gettin to meet Jesus was something that brought her so much joy and comfort,” Tayla explained. “This loss. This grief. We all feel it. You feel it like I do. Like the family. You are family. To her, you were her family for so very long. [She] wasn’t just ours. She was yours too.”

Tayla then said that while she and the rest of Loretta Lynn’s family are sad, they are so thankful that she is at peace. “We are so thankful she is home with her Father in Heaven. Her Mommy [and] Daddy. Her children past. Her husband. So many that have gone before her. Forever changed.”

Loretta Lynn passed away in her Hurricane Mills, Tennessee home in the early hours of Tuesday (October 4th). She was 90 years old at the time of her death. Her family shared that she had peacefully passed away in her sleep.

Tayla Says She Feels Loretta Lynn’s Presence While in the Recording Studio 

In a separate social media post, Tayla shares a photo of herself inside a recording studio one day after Loretta Lynn’s death. She wrote how right it felt to be there. “Seems strange in some ways, but feels just right,” Tayla explained. “I feel her. She wrote when she hurt and it created some of her best work. She always gave when she hurt.”

Tayla stated she learned how to write while being hurt from Loretta Lynn. “I hurt. God, I hurt. There are no words to say but there are songs to sing. I can’t write today. I can’t. But I can sing. I can sing with all I’ve got. I cry and sing and cry.”

Despite her emotional struggles at this time, Tayla shared that somehow she found peace while in the studio. “It’s where she wanted me. ‘Never stop work,’ she’d say – keep on keeping on. That’s what I am doing. I think she’s smiling that I’m here recording. I hope so.” 

Upon updating her Facebook photo, Tayla shared another special tribute to her famous grandmother. “She gave all of us everything. She gave as much to her fans as she did us and it shows. So much love sent to us all day. She loved her fans so much. We see you out there. All love for our Queen.

Tayla went on to reflect on a conversation she had with her child about Loretta Lynn’s passing. “Tru said, ‘Mama is this like Queen Elizabeth dying?’ Yes baby. Yes.”