Luke Bryan Announces New Single, Says a New Album Is Coming Soon

by Lauren Boisvert

Luke Bryan is putting out a new single this Friday, called “Country On”; he said he’s so excited for fans to hear this one. He also shared that he has about half of an album done already. Speaking with SiriusXM’s The Highway, per CMT, Bryan talked about his new project, and what fans can expect from him this year.

“This is the first installment of a project I’m working on,” he said. “I mean, I’ve got probably half of the project done. Hopefully, as ’Country On’ is going up the chart, [I’ll] spend a couple more months writing a lot of music, working hard in the studio and then go in and cut some more songs and have the ability to put a full album out.”

It seems like Bryan has high hopes for this new project. And why shouldn’t he? With Luke Bryan one of the most highly awarded country music stars in the industry right now, it’s very likely that “Country On” will in fact climb the charts. According to Luke Bryan, he dedicated himself to making the best music he can and having the most fun possible.

He also explained the concept behind “Country On,” and what the phrase really means. “When you think about it on a t-shirt, and everybody’s saying ’Country On’ when you’re having a bad day, and you can drink a beer and “Country On,’ it feels pretty good,” he explained. “But I love what the song says. I love that it uplifts the hardworking American people out there, and it brings a lot of unity. This song just has feel-good vibes all the way around it, and I’m just honored to have it out.”

Luke Bryan Hopes to Celebrate American Farmers Once Again on This Year’s Farm Tour

Luke Bryan loves uplifting “the hardworking American people out there,” as he does every year with his Farm Tour. The tour comes in the middle of his headlining Raised Up Right Tour; in September, he’s making six stops at farms in Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Nebraska, Iowa, and Minnesota. He’ll set up a huge stage, festival-like, at these remote farms in towns that usually don’t get big-name performances, and bring them those big names. That way, he’s able to give back to these agricultural communities by giving them a show; plus, he lifts them up with scholarships and a social media campaign in partnership with Bayer.

Farm Tour is something Luke Bryan looks forward to every year. Speaking with RFD-TV out of Nashville earlier this month, Bryan shared why he loves this aspect of his career so much. “It’s just a way that we can reconnect with rural America, small town environments, and we can celebrate and uplift a lot of farmers in the process,” he said. “It’s just been an amazing process since we started.”