Luke Bryan Brings Out Florida Governor Ron DeSantis During Concert, Social Media Erupts

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Luke Bryan invited Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to make a cameo during a concert this week as part of an effort to raise funds for Hurricane Ian victims, and the internet has very strong opinions about it.

The country music star was performing in Jacksonville, FL, on Oct. 28 when announced his efforts to raise funds for the relief. And with that, he brought DeSantis onstage.

A fan caught the event on camera, and the footage shows the crowd going wild with support as their governor presents himself and begins throwing hats to people near the stage. After the show, she uploaded the video to Twitter, and it once again proved how politically polarized the US has become.

Despite garnering nearly 54k likes in just over 24 hours, many of the comments showed a stark difference in opinion from the crowd’s. Some people quickly denounced Luke Bryan and promised never to listen to his music again. Others went deeper and accused him of being a “fascist.”

“When you want your musical career to end, you do this at your concert,” wrote Layla Benson.

Fans and former fans pointed out that political affiliations are a dangerous thing to show in the celebrity world. Some people left Bryan alone and just aired their grief with the governor, while others admitted that they can’t support the artist any longer.

“@lukebryan, Why buddy Why never thought my last tweet ever would be deleting you from All playlist. So disappointing,” added Victoria Uhl.

“Didn’t realize Luke Bryan is a fascist. Now I know,” said Standing Paul.

Luke Bryan Fan Either Loved or Hated the Seeming Political Endorsement

On the flip side, other fans loved seeing Luke Bryan support the red candidate. And they joined in the conversation to defend the singer from the scathing remarks.

“Great response from the audience….loved it, “Cathy Flip remarked. “I’m sure liberals will now have nasty things to say about Luke…..Luke is a great man.”

Some people also shared that they hadn’t listened to the crooner’s music in the past, but now they will make a point to tune in. And others said that they always loved his music, and they are bigger fans now than they were before the concert.

“All a sudden, I’m a big fan of Luke,” said a follower named James.

“Always loved Luke, love him even more now,” added Linda Lea.

Luke Bryan is currently on the tail end of his Raised up Right tour. The event was meant to end earlier this fall, but because of Hurricane Ian, he had to reschedule a few of his Florida concerts. As it stands, he has three more stops before he heads back to his home in Nashville, TN, on Nov 5.