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Luke Bryan Creates Special Moment for Hurricane Ian Heroes in Upcoming CBS Holiday Special

by Craig Garrett
(Photo via Getty Images / Connie Chronuk / Contributor)

The upcoming holiday special on CBS, The Greatest @Home Videos: Holiday Special, features a very special appearance by Luke Bryan. Last month, the group of friends known as the “Collier Country Cowboys” went to Bryan’s show in Estero, Florida. This was after they had gone viral back in September for saving a man during Hurricane Ian. The Collier Country Cowboys were invited to the concert last month during The Greatest @Home Videos: Thanks & Giving.

Bryan decided to make a Zoom appearance for the Collier County Cowboys after learning that they were all big fans of country music. “Luke was so moved by the Collier County Cowboys and their selfless act of courage, he just had to do something about it,” host Cedric the Entertainer explained. The “something” referred to an invitation to Bryan’s Nov. 2 performance at Hertz Arena in Estero.

The group of friends danced and sang along to Bryan’s hits from their great seats at his concert, based on the clips they sent to CBS. “Yes sir! Big up to my man, Luke Bryan, and to the Collier County Cowboys, real good dudes,” Cedric said The Collier County Cowboys rose to Internet fame in late September when they saved a man from a stranded vehicle in Bonita Springs. “He maybe had 10 more minutes before the car was submerged,” Lemi Gavra, one of the group’s members, said at the time. The footage was shared on Instagram.

Luke Bryan was impressed by the actions of the Collier County Cowboys

After they rescued the man from waist-deep water, he was “safe and sound.” Gavra said the group had no professional rescue experience, but are just “crazy Florida cowboys” who want to help everyone. Gavra saw the man in need of help while they were going home, as officials had asked everyone to stay home during the storm. “We started to make our way back. And that’s when we saw this gentleman in distress,” Gavra recalled. “So, everyone’s got a guardian angel. I think we were that for him.”

In addition to saving the man in his home, the group said they also saved another. “I don’t think anyone thought this hurricane was going to hit like this,” Gavra continued. “As you can see from the footage just now coming, it got pretty bad.” The Greatest @Home Videos: Holiday Special will air on CBS Friday, December 16th at 9 p.m. ET. The special will also be able to be streamed live and on-demand on Paramount+.

Moreover, Luke Bryan has achieved a new career milestone by gaining another No. 1 hit with his newly released single “Country On.” With that addition, his total now includes 30 chart-topping tracks. “30 #1 songs at country radio is really crazy to hear,” he wrote on Instagram. “I’m blessed to have this career and can’t thank everyone involved enough for supporting my dreams. ‘Hey, hey, USA! We ain’t seen our better days’ is a come-together moment. I couldn’t have hand-picked a better 30th. Love y’all.”