Luke Bryan Enjoys a Day Off With Beer and Fishing in New Photo

by Shelby Scott

Luke Bryan’s bound to have a busy summer ahead of him, kicking off his Raised Up Right Tour in June. So now, ahead of concert season, the country star found time to enjoy a day off, casting a line and sipping a beer. The “Up” singer captured his relaxing time on the lake in a new post on Instagram. See what patience and some downtime caught the Luke Bryan below during a day fishing on the water.

“Enjoyin’ a much-needed day off,” Bryan captioned the post.

In one hand, the country artist shows off his latest catch. The bright sun makes the nice-sized bass’s scales shine a bright yellow-green. In his other hand, he boasts a can of his own brew, Two Lane Brewing‘s American Golden Lager.

Fans took to the comments to congratulate Luke Bryan on a good day’s work. Many also inquired about where they might find a case of Two-Lane lager for themselves.

“Two Lane and Fishing: what’s not to love?!” one fan asked. A New England-based fan insisted, “We need two lane in NY!”

Still others shared excitement for upcoming concert dates. Many are, apparently, impatiently waiting for Luke Bryan’s series of shows in Las Vegas later this summer.

“Can’t wait to see you in Las [V]egas in September!!!!!” exclaimed one fan.

For now though, until his tour officially kicks off, we can only assume Luke Bryan will be spending as much downtime as possible out on the lake.

Luke Bryan Goes Fishing with the Dierks Bentley Kids

Luke Bryan’s been doing a lot of fishing lately. Although, on occasion, it seems he enjoys it as much with friends as he does solo floating on the water.

Just a few days ago, fellow country music artist, Dierks Bentley, captured a photo of “Uncle” Luke Bryan and the Bentley kiddos out fishing together. Check out the sweet photos below.

“[G]ood day of fishing with uncle Luke,” the “Living” singer captioned the post. The photos capture two of the three Bentley children, both of whom boast their latest catches after receiving some help from Luke Bryan. And while fishing with the “One Margarita” singer is surely a day well spent, Dierks Bentley shared that it was not, in fact, the star’s fishing skills that impressed his kids.

While speaking with ET about his latest accomplishment, a brand new star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Dierks Bentley revealed that Evie, Jordan, and Knox Bentley are all totally enthralled with Uncle Luke’s accent.

“We went fishing a couple of days ago,” the country star began. “I’m a pretty good fisherman. But [Luke Bryan’s] like…he is Mr. fisherman.” That’s quite the compliment from one of the genre’s most dedicated outdoorsmen.

“So, for him to take my kids out there [fishing] and kind of show ’em. They’re still enthralled with his accent,” Bentley said, explaining Bryan’s distinctive drawl comes from deep Southern Georgia roots.