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Luke Bryan Hilariously Claims He’s Better at Farming Than ‘Pretend’ Farmer Blake Shelton

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

This is a feud I can get into. Luke Bryan claims to be a better farmer than his friend and country music peer Blake Shelton. Bryan, who lives and farms in Tennessee, just outside of Nashville, is accusing Shelton of being a “fake” farmer. Apparently the Play It Again singer doesn’t appreciate the cultivation of native grasses. Shelton has to do something to keep that soil in place on his Oklahoma ranch.

While on The Ty Bentli Show the topic came up. Bryan accused Shelton of some pretty harsh things. These two need to find a way to settle this with a contest of some kind.

“He’s pretend farming,” Bryan said. “I mean he’s just putting out like wild grasses – stuff that literally will grow on Mars. I’m actually planting stuff that human beings can enjoy. I’m not feeding a bunch of rabbits and moles and stuff. Blake’s farming earthworms and stuff.”

Now, look, there ain’t nothing wrong with making a nice ecosystem. There’s something to be said about cultivating the environment around you to be as natural and native as possible. Those wild grasses can do a lot of good. Including putting nutrients back into the soil. Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton can both do farming their own way.

Of course, the two 45-year-olds are just having some good fun. Shelton has to get that farm looking nice for his new wife and family. Meanwhile, Bryan was worried about getting his friends’ gardens set up.

Luke Bryan Flexes his Farming Muscles with 2020 Corn Crop

When the pandemic hit, we all invested in something or a few somethings that we probably shouldn’t have. Or we overdid it in some way or another. For Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton, that was farming. Bryan used to work at his dad’s peanut mill and knows what agricultural work is like. In 2020, Bryan ended up planting about 4 or 5 acres of sweet corn… it took very well.

“I call my dad, and I’m like, ‘Daddy, we’re planting corn.,'” the singer said. “He goes, ‘Ain’t that something? You moved to Nashville to get away from this, and now 15, 18 years later, you’re back to planting corn.'” Do we all just turn into our parents one day?

He ended up going viral for his giant field of corn. However, I have a bone to pick. How can you make fun of Blake Shelton for farming grass and stuff that’s easy to grow? Then you grow corn, the most common crop you see out there. How hard could it be to grow corn in Tennessee?