Luke Bryan Joins Jameson Rodgers on Stage to Belt ‘Born Here Live Here Die Here’: VIDEO

by Joe Rutland

Luke Bryan happened to share the stage on Friday night with Jameson Rodgers for a duet version of Born Here Live Here Die Here. Hearing both of them get together for this tune will brighten up your day. There’s a nice connection between both country music singers. It’s pretty obvious from watching this that both men have a lot of respect for one another. Still, getting a chance to listen as they perform this song is pretty sweet.

Fans were effusive in their praise for the singers getting together on stage. One fan wrote, “You guys were great tonight!” Another one said, “It was amazing!!!” This fan added, “I’m here for this!” All of these and many more were in the comments section for Luke Bryan and his buddy, Jameson Rodgers.

Luke Bryan Considers Farm Tour As A Passion Project

Right now, Luke Bryan is out on his Farm Tour and he considers this a passion project. What does he mean by this? “It’s a passion project for me, for sure,” Bryan said when talking with Holler in an interview. “When I look back and think about waking up on these farms and rolling my window down, that is pretty special. And it’s not just special for the fans in these small towns.” Rodgers, by the way, is among a host of other performers who are part of the Farm Tour. “It’s been a ride, and at the end of the day, I still love got get on stage,” Bryan said. “[And] smile at the fans and have a blast.”

Meanwhile, have you ever wondered how to notice a fake country artist? Apparently, Bryan has some thoughts about this situation, too. “Some rappers, it’s like, you’re not actually hood,” the FULL SEND podcast host said. “Like, are there some country people that are not actually country? Like they’ll just throw on their hunter’s jackets, take a photo, then take the jacket off?”

Bryan has a retort ready to go. “I can unequivocally say, without a shadow of a doubt, that if you sing about hunting and fishing and drinking and trucks and [expletive], and I get you on my farm, in one minute I can tell if you’re a poser,” he said. “Or if you’re not legit. I can hand you a fishing rod…” If you are a Bryan fan, then you know that he will be hosting the CMA Awards this year with NFL legend Peyton Manning. It’ll be something to see both of these guys get together. Manning has been able to hold his own on TV with his brother, Eli Manning, in their ManningCast appearances on Monday Night Football. So, look forward to seeing Luke and Peyton together on stage.