Luke Bryan Looks Forward to Uplifting American Farmers on Upcoming 13th Farm Tour

by Lauren Boisvert

Luke Bryan is gearing up for his 13th Farm Tour in September, where six farms will host the country music star for concerts benefitting their communities. Bryan, who grew up on a farm himself, has said that he loves the Farm Tours because he gets to personally celebrate and thank local farmers.

This year, he’s bringing along Riley Green, Jameson Rodgers, the Peach Pickers and DJ Rock. The tour will go from September 15, 16 and 17, then from September 22, 23, and 24. Bryan is taking time from his Raised Up Right Tour, which kicks off on Thursday, June 9. Tickets for 2022 Farm Tour went on sale May 5.

2022 Farm Tour Dates

  • Sept. 15 – Monroeville, IN @ Spangler Farms
  • Sept. 16 – Mecahnicsburg, OH @ SpringFork Farms
  • Sept. 17 – Fowlerville, MI @ Kubiak Family Farm
  • Sept. 22 – Murdock, NE @ Stock Hay & Grain Farm
  • Sept. 23 – Boone, IA @ Ziel Farm
  • Sept. 24 – Eyota, MN @ Gar-Lin Dairy

Why Farm Tour Means So Much to Luke Bryan

Luke Bryan is partnering with Bayer for this tour, and they’re lifting up local farmers with the #HeresToTheFarmer social media campaign. Through Feeding America, Bayer will donate a meal to someone in need every time the hashtag is used between June 1 and October 31. Together, Luke Bryan and Bayer have provided almost 5 million meals, and raised more than $180,000 for Feeding America. This year, Bayer aims to provide 1 million meals for families in need. Additionally, Luke Bryan is still going to give out scholarships to students in farming families.

Farm Tour is so important to Luke Bryan, and every year he looks forward to it. “I look forward to these shows every year mainly because of the meaning behind them and why it was important to me to start the Farm Tour thirteen years ago,” he shared in a press release. “It has allowed communities who don’t normally get a concert in their areas to experience a fun night in their backyard all while lifting up the American farmer. Small town and farming pretty much sum up my childhood. It is my way of life and I know it is a way of life for so many. It is truly the highlight of my year for me and my whole team.”

This year, he’s looking forward to uplifting the local farmer even more. Speaking with RFD-TV out of Nashville, Luke Bryan explained why he loves Farm Tour so much. “It’s just a way that we can reconnect with rural America, small town environments, and we can celebrate and uplift a lot of farmers in the process […] it’s just been an amazing process since we started.”

Farm Tour is near and dear to Luke Bryan’s heart, having grown up on a farm in Leesburg, Georgia; he’s skyrocketed into one of country music’s most celebrated and awarded musicians, and now he’s focused on giving back to communities like his.