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Luke Bryan Offers Dustin Lynch Chance to Absolutely Roast Him After Controversial Comments

by Taylor Cunningham
Luke Bryan Dustin Lynch
(Photo by Rahav Segev/FilmMagic)

Luke Bryan is still in the hot seat after his Dustin Lynch Crash My Playa introduction went viral for all the wrong reasons. So he’s taking an eye for an eye approach to make things right again.

During the introduction, the Do I singer made unflattering comments, and many thought everything he said was incredibly inappropriate. Bryan apologized to Lynch and his fans through an Instagram story, but that didn’t help the situation much. So now, Bryan is offering to stand for a public roast during next year’s festival.

“This is one hundred percent happening. @dustinlynch will be in doing my introduction next year at @crashmyplaya,” he Tweeted on Jan. 27. “He has 358 days to compose it. You will not wanna miss it.”

“Oh this should be good! I will not miss it!!” someone commented.

“Haha, this could be really epic,” another fan wrote.

Country Music Fans Sound Off After Hearing Luke Bryan’s Unsavory Words at Crash My Playa Festival

The whole situation came to be after the two country music stars appeared at the annual Crash My Playa Festival in Mexico. As Lynch and his band took the stage, Byran introduced him to the crowd with some heavy “sarcasm,” as he later explained.

“No one has drank more liquor, no one has vomited more, no one has taken more drugs, no one has taken more IVs, no one has passed more STD tests than this next gentleman,” he enthusiastically yelled. “He has a clean bill. He does not have any diseases,” he shouted. “Give it up for Dustin Lynch!”

The audience didn’t seem bothered by Bryan’s joke. But once clips from the night made their way to social media, people made their opinions heard.


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“I understand he may have been drunk and he’s joking but as a DL fan, this is disgusting of Luke to do,” someone blasted on TikTok.

Several other people mentioned that Bryan would never allow anyone to say such things about himself or his family, and others wrote that the words were completely “uncalled for.”

Luke Bryan Makes Public Apology to Dustin Lynch Fans

A few days after the drama started, Luke Bryan recorded an Instagram story assuring people that he and Lynch always joke around with each other, and he promised that Lynch was not upset with him.

He further mentioned that Lynch is one of his “dearest friends on the planet,” and shared that he has nothing but respect for him.

“My introduction of him was complete sarcasm,” Bryan continued. “Those words that I used were so absurd. I figured everybody would take it as sarcasm. Obviously, some people didn’t.”

“He and I are all good,” Bryan continued. “And I apologize to anybody that doesn’t understand my humor and sarcasm. It’s been going on like that down there for years.”