Luke Bryan Opens Up About the Difficulty of Balancing His Career and Family

by Emily Morgan
Photo by: Terry Wyatt / Contributor

Country music star Luke Bryan has always been the life of the party. From releasing new songs to attending ESPN’s College Gameday, he’s always got something going on for him. However, it looks like the Georgia native is about to change directions.

Recently, the 46-year-old admitted in an interview that he feels he’s spreading himself too thin regarding his personal and professional career. As a top-selling country music artist, Bryan is constantly on the road touring. Now, it looks like the father-of-two is ready to switch up his priorities.

However, it looks like that will be easier said and done as he looks to balance these two sides of his life. As both of his two boys get older, they both have sports games and other extracurricular activities that require Bryan’s attention.

The “American Idol” judge shares his two sons, 12-year-old Tatum Christopher and 14-year-old Thomas “Bo” Boyer, with his wife, Caroline Boyer Bryan. In addition, they also act as guardians to his nephew, Til Cheshire, and their two nieces, Jordan and Kris.

“Yesterday, I left the house. We were having an event at my house, and I ran to see three-quarters of Bo’s game, two-quarters of Tate’s game and ran back into the house to finish the event,” Bryan said recently about juggling family life with his career.

Luke Bryan says he may have to ‘slow it down’ as his boys get older

As the craziness continues at home, the “Prayin’ In A Deer Stand” singer explained that he might have to take a step back from his life as a touring country star to be there for his family, especially as his kids enter the next phase of their lives.

“If it’s a busy day, we’re moving and trying to get through each week, but I’ll probably slow it down a little bit as the boys get into high school and want to play even more sports,” he added.

Although maintaining his highly successful music career is essential for the “Country On” singer, being at home is also a strong priority for him, especially as his kids get older.

Even if he’s only home for just a day, he typically tries to squeeze in as much quality time with his family as possible. From hunting together to hanging out at their house to celebrating any special occasions, Luke Bryan is a family man through and through.

“It’s a tremendous challenge navigating this career and everything that goes with it,” Bryan also admitted. “You just have to make personal goals to get home and move. There are a lot of nights that I travel through the night just to try to be there one day to hang with the boys.”