Luke Bryan and Peyton Manning Prepare To Host the CMA Awards in ‘Boot Camp’

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images)

A new promo is showing just how Luke Bryan and Peyton Manning are preparing to host this year’s CMA Awards.

There is just under a month left until the unlikely duo hosts the 56th annual event, and in a hilarious clip that debuted on PEOPLE today, they are proving that they’re putting in some hard work ahead of the big night through a sort of “boot camp.”

As the promo opens, Luke asks Peyton if he’s “ready to host the CMA Awards.” And the football great smiles before saying, “Man, I’m fired up.”

The guys go in for a high five—and miss. So Manning decides they get to “get in sync.”

Luke Bryan and Peyton Manning get focused as Dolly Parton’s 9 to 5 plays in the background. Luke quizzes Peyton with headshots of country singers, and he nails all of them until Luke shows a picture of himself.

“I got nothin’,” Petyon says when he sees the photo. “Me,” Luke shouts.

“When?” Peyton asks, and Luke answers “10 years ago.”

“Yeah right,” he laughs. “More like 20.”

Luke continues by showing Peyton how to prep his vocals for the microphone and how to dress like a Country Music star.

Luke Bryan and Peyton Manning Have Been Buds For Years

Peyton Manning takes over to teach his special skills—especially the art of high fives. And he turns the Play it Again singer into a pro. Apparently, the trick is to watch the other person’s elbow.

The Super Bowl champ then attempts to sketch out a play just in case someone “tries to tackle” them. But Luke isn’t having it.

“It’s not gonna happen — it’s an award show,” he says.

The guys finish their boot camp by practicing trophy passes. Of course, Luke can’t quite handle one of Peyton’s throws. As he “runs deep,” he crashes into something in the background as Peyton grimaces.

Luke Bryan hosted last year’s ceremony alone. And in August, he announced on Live! With Kelly and Ryan that he would be helming the show once again. But this time, Peyton Manning was joining.

In a separate PEOPLE interview, Luke shared that he and Peyton are longtime friends. The two often get together to golf and hunt. And while they never throw the pigskin together, Peyton likes to give Luke’s sons tips for the field.

“Peyton’s always been a huge country music supporter and fan,” the Country star said at the time. “And obviously he’s a ginormous star beyond being a football star. He touches a different audience than me, so I think it helps us get into more households and maybe more people tune in to see what kind of crazy shenanigans he and I may be up to.”

The 2022 CMA Awards airs on ABC on Nov. 9 from 8-11 p.m. EST.