Luke Bryan Reveals He Had a Panic Attack Ahead of First Appearance on ‘The Ellen Show’

by Jonathan Howard

In the last 11 years, Luke Bryan has gone on The Ellen Show more than once or twice. He stepped in one last time as the show comes to an end. Bryan and Ellen DeGeneres are two folks that just get along. He’s a great country music guest. It’s like a perfect match when you get their two energies together. But, it wasn’t always like that.

Now, in 2022, everyone knows Luke Bryan as the joking dad. He’s always pranking his wife and family. Trying to embarrass his sons in any way that he can. However, back in 2011, Bryan was a new name and a fresh face

His first time on The Ellen Show was as a red carpet correspondent. He was working the CMA Awards, both for Ellen and performing at the awards show for the first time ever. So, it was a big deal. “I was freaking out,” Bryan recalled on his latest appearance on Ellen. The pressure seemed to get to the country singer.

“You know, when you’re a country person, you don’t want to admit that panic attacks are all on ya,” he explained. It wasn’t until his wife put it plainly to him that he realized what was happening. He was having a panic attack.

“I didn’t realize so much pressure was on me until I could not breathe in the limo,” Bryan went on. “And then, I’m claiming, you know, that we need to let the windows down, you now. My wife’s there, and she’s like, ‘Luke, this is called a panic attack.’ And I’m like, ‘It’s not called a panic attack … get me some oxygen!”

It was a funny story, and the entire interview was hilarious. Check it out below.

Luke Bryan Gets a Suprise Beer on ‘The Ellen Show’

One of the perks of being close with Ellen is when you go on her show you can get a beer – if you’re Luke Bryan. The singer was surprised when he made an appearance earlier this year. He was on the show and talking about his COVID issues. The singer missed out on American Idol! and more when he was sick.

It just so happened, that Bryan had gone a while without having a beer. “That is definitely the longest stint without a beer. Beer in the after is just…” and without another word, a beer came out and was placed in his hand. Ice cold. Courtesy of none other than Ellen.

It’s moments like that that have made Ellen’s show so successful. Luke Bryan on The Ellen Show almost always produces a great episode. Without the show, that’s something that some Bryan fans might miss out on in the future. Thankfully, all those clips are on YouTube and elsewhere for fans to watch.