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Luke Bryan Reveals His Christmas Plans Following Wife Caroline’s Hip Surgery

by Suzanne Halliburton

With his wife, Caroline, still on injured reserve, Luke Bryan and the rest of the family need to reshuffle their Christmas vacation plans.

So it’s a no-go on anything more strenuous than shopping and drinking wine this holiday season, at least for Bryan’s wife. Luke Bryan talked about the family plans this week during an American Idol event.

“Caroline, my wife, had some hip surgery,” Bryan told reporters during American Idol Hollywood Week. “We’re just having to lay low. Typically we do some ski trips. We might do some boys ski trips as she’s on the mend.”

Luke Bryan and Caroline Boyer made their last public appearance together in Nashville for the CMA Awards, Nov. 9. The next week, Caroline had hip surgery. (Taylor Hill/FilmMagic)

Caroline Bryan had hip surgery last month. She explained that the surgery wasn’t a result of a sudden accident, like a slip-and-fall or a car wreck. Rather, her hip pain was caused by a variety of lingering issues, namely a torn labrum, hip dysplasia and arthritis. The surgery was on the books for a month. She scheduled it before the Thanksgiving holidays. Now, she needs a wheelchair and crutches to get around the house.

But Luke Bryan said he and his sons will find something active to do during the Christmas break.

“It’s always really cold and beautiful in Nashville and the Nashville area,” he said. “I’ll get my family up, and we’ll go try to do a little hunting and stuff like that with all the boys. The girls, they go do their shopping and gift wrapping and, you know, drinking wine through the day and all the boys are somewhere in a hunting blind.”

It sounds like a normal, Southern-style holiday.

Caroline gave her fans a glimpse of what she was going through this past weekend. She shared a photo of herself with the family dog. Both are gimpy. Caroline was in a wheelchair. Choc was sporting a surgical cone.

“Me + Choc = a lot of medical bills,” she wrote. Here’s hoping Luke Bryan and sons are waiting on mamma hand and foot. Last month, Caroline explained why she needed the surgery: “It had gotten so bad we had to fix it. So, that’s it. I will do whatever they tell me to do to get better and get back out, ’cause this not being able to move is not for me.”

Luke Bryan does have some downtime. The country music superstar recently finished a tour. Plus, he also co-hosted the CMA Awards with Peyton Manning.

Bryan will play host to his annual Crash My Playa festival in January. Then it’s on to American Idol. He and Katy Perry and Lionel Richie are each in their sixth season of judging the singing competition. The audition process for the upcoming season started back in August. ABC recently revealed that the season premiere is on Feb. 19.

So Luke Bryan has plenty of time to take care of his wife, celebrate the holiday and have a little fun.