Luke Bryan Reveals Why His Career Doesn’t Feel Like Work

by Suzanne Halliburton

The life of Luke Bryan is super chaotic. Still, he keeps piling on the projects. Between tour stops late last week, he announced a new popcorn line. He’s getting ready to restart his Vegas residency. And then there’s his separate Farm Tour, which launches next month.

Plus, he’s a judge on American Idol and will be the co-host for a second year in the row for the CMA Awards. He’s got his bar in Nashville and his farm outside of town. And he doesn’t want anyone to forget about his Two Lane beer. Bryan also is kicking around a whiskey line. Of course, Luke Bryan also will head to Mexico this January for his four-day concert/vacation/country music festival, Crash My Playa.

So with all that, how does the 46-year-old keep going? We didn’t even mention that Bryan is the father of five. A reporter asked Luke Bryan about his motivation during a media availability last week.

“What keeps me going is I really just love, I love being in the entertainment business,” Luke Bryan said. “I love making albums, and I love getting in front of people on stage playing music. And you know, the day that love goes away you know, I will pick different ways on how you attack this business.”

Luke Bryan performed earlier this summer at CMA FEST in Nashville. (Connie Chornuk/ABC)

With that last tidbit, Bryan sounds a lot like a successful football coach. They’ll tell you that when they hate losing more than they love winning, then it’s time to leave. To Bryan, his profession is his passion, which makes it feel like play more than work. With 29 No. 1 hits, he defines country music for the past two decades.

Luke Bryan talked even more about his life and what keeps him going. Of course, he also has a wonderful family. He and his wife are the parents of five. The three oldest are his late sister’s kids. He adopted them when their mother and then father died. When he sings about family, he does so from an authentic place.

“For right now, I really enjoy where I’m at,” he said. “Farm Tour is fun. Crashed My Playa (in Mexico) is fun. American Idol is fun. I mean, everything that I do, my tour dates, when I’m out on tour … It’s these things are really fun. And when I’ve got quality time with my family and my wife and kids, all of that it’s really fun. Every experience in this business is good. I have fun doing it and try to keep a positive attitude through it all.”

Luke Bryan released the music video to “Country On” earlier this month. And according to iTunes, it’s already the most popular country music video in the country. So enjoy some of Bryan’s fun.