Luke Bryan Says His Sons May Push Him to ‘Slow It Down’ on His Career

by Alex Falls
Terry Wyatt / Contributor / Getty

Luke Bryan is a busy man these days. He’s one of the biggest names in country music at the moment as he plays for adoring fans all over the country. Plus, he’s returning to judge another new season of American Idol next year.

But not only is he a busy music star, but Bryan is also a devoted father. The 46-year-old raises his two kids, Thomas, 14, and Tatum, 12, with his wife Caroline Boyer Bryan in Nashville. He recently spoke to E! News about the difficulties that come with balancing such a heavy workload while also being the best dad possible.

“It’s a tremendous challenge navigating this career and everything that goes with it,” Bryan said. “You just have to make personal goals to get home and move and there are a lot of nights that I travel through the night just to try to be there one day to hang with the boys.” 

In addition to their two sons, Bryan and his wife also adopted their nephew and two nieces after his sister Kelly passed in 2007, and following her husband Ben passing in 2017. Bryan said the entire family is supportive of his music career and the “amazing life” it affords them. But he does acknowledge it’s difficult to fit in all of the moments.

“Yesterday, I left the house. We were having an event at my house and I ran to see three quarters of Bo’s game, two quarters of Tate’s game and ran back into the house to finish the event,” Bryan said. “If it’s a busy day, we’re moving and trying to get through each week, but I’ll probably slow it down a little bit as the boys get into high school and want to play even more sports.”

Luke Bryan on the Road Again

As much as Bryan loves his family, he also loves bringing his music to his fans. The singer is on the road on his 13th annual Farm Tour. Where he brings his show to real farms across America. He called the fall run of shows “very spiritual and magical” for him as it raises funds and awareness of the importance of farming.

“Through my involvement with Farm Tour, one of our big goals is to really uplift the whole farming community,” Bryan said. “I think the misnomer is a lot of pig farms out there are really, really kind of nasty and dirty when actually it’s the opposite. We’re just telling their story.” 

When it comes to his favorite part about going on stage, he said it’s those first few moments as he’s walking out and hears the first roar of the crowd.

“It’s the opening moment of the show and coming up and seeing the excitement on the fans’ faces and to see a crowd of all walks of life,” Bryan said. “It’s just a blessing to get to do this and watch the fans interact and have a good time.”