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Luke Bryan Shows Major Love for American Heroes During ‘Country On’ Performance

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Terry Wyatt/WireImage)

If there’s one thing that we can count on country music for, it’s honoring America’s heroes. Luke Bryan gave fans at a recent Las Vegas concert a major shoutout after the massive crowd showed major love to the United States armed forces and first responders during a performance of his hit, “Country On.” Check out the thrilling clip below.

Moving through the third verse of the song, we hear the country star belt out, “Hey fireman, boys and girls in blue/We could sure use a lot more like you/You come runnin’ in anytime, anything goes wrong/Country on.”

Meanwhile, as the Georgia native moves through the song, the watching crowd erupts into ear-piercing cheers, only getting louder as the next half of the song tributes U.S. soldiers.

In his post after the memorable performance, Luke Bryan wrote, “Hearing Vegas making noise for our first responders and armed forces gave me chills.”

Fans on Instagram also loved how much applause the armed forces and American first responders saw during the singer’s performance. One of the “Prayin’ In A Deer Stand” singer’s followers commented, “Chills! This was amazing to see in person! Thank you for the incredible show.”

Another gushed, “I love this video!! Lovely! God bless Luke and his fans!!”

Luke Bryan Gets Into Trouble with Kane Brown at Jason Aldean’s Nashville Bar

Luke Bryan is an avid supporter of the country’s soldiers and first responders, however, that’s not to say the 46-year-old megastar isn’t into getting into a little bit of trouble from time to time. Before heading to Vegas to perform “Country On” and other hits, the singer hit up Jason Aldean‘s bar in Nashville alongside “Love You Like Country Music” singer Kane Brown.

Determined to cause a little bit of trouble and cost Aldean a little bit of money, Luke Bryan finds one of the bar’s fire alarms as Kane Brown looks on, toying with the plexiglass cover over the alarm. At first, the alarm chirps but after a second attempt, it continues to go off, causing Luke Bryan to laugh and run away like a troublesome little boy.

Meanwhile, someone says to the duo, “You’re gonna get me fired,” but Kane Brown, sipping on his drink, assures the man, “You won’t be fired, you’ll be alright.”

Once again, fans were in hysterics over Luke Bryan’s antics. One laughed, “It’s the hiding and giggling in the stairwell for me.”

A second commenter quipped, “hit up [Blake Shelton’s] bar next.”

A third asked, “Why is the fire alarm locked behind glass??” but plenty of other Luke Bryan followers had a simple answer: drunks.

“Because of people like Luke and Kane!” one fan said, while someone else added similarly, “because of what they just did.”

Luke Bryan and Kane Brown’s prank at Aldean’s comes just weeks before the former prepares to celebrate his annual 12 Days of Prankmas with his wife Caroline.