Luke Bryan Speaks on How ‘Country On’ Video Touches ‘Heartstrings’ of ‘Hard-Working Americans’

by Suzanne Halliburton

You can make the claim that Luke Bryan found the perfect anthem devoted to blue-collar workers. And “Country On” celebrates almost all the professions from farmers, truck drivers and soldiers to bartenders, songwriters and cops.

Bryan released the single right before the Fourth of July weekend. It made perfect sense to tie it to America’s birthday, considering these sorts of workers keep the country on its collective feet. He released the music video earlier this month and it was an immediate hit.

We asked Luke Bryan if he could do it over again, would he add different workers to the song’s roster and feature them in the video. Or did the song already cover all the bases.

“Well, I mean, I think there’s many many occupations and people to add,” Luke Bryan told Outsider last week. “Certainly nurses and first responders. And you know lawyers — just playing. I mean there’s so many people that make this world go around, and I really love how the song touches on everybody. And (it) touches … on the heartstrings of the hard-working Americans out there.

“I love how the song finished,” he said. “I love that we were able to put the kind of ties (in it) to Nashville, to Music City I mean, the songwriting community is a very important thing for me, just like the farming community. So … I look at the song and I feel like top to bottom, we really left no stone left unturned on that, personally.”

Luke Bryan Rode His Own Tractor in ‘Country On’ Music Video

Luke Bryan filmed the video in Nashville earlier this summer. And those aren’t actors portraying the likes of cops and firemen. Plus, that’s him riding his very own Fendt tractor. Bryan owns a farm outside Nashville. He grew up on a peanut farm in Georgia. So although the American Idol judge is a country music superstar, he also likes to get dirty tending to his corn and soybean crops.

Currently, the “Country On” music video ranks seventh on the iTunes chart for all musical genres. There are only two other country music videos amongst the top 25. Blake Shelton’s “No Body” ranks 21st and Little Big Town’s “Little White Church” is No. 25.

Luke Bryan announced a new popcorn line this week. He posed next to his Fendt tractor. Bryan is a country music superstar, but he also loves to ride his tractor on his own farm. (FENDT)

Although the professions are near and dear to his heart, Luke Bryan didn’t personally write the song. Those credits go to Mark Nesler, David Frasier, Mitch Oglesby and Styles Haury. Jeff Stevens and Jody Stevens co-produced the hit, which dominated country radio all summer. The song title “Country On” is the same as saying “carry on.” Just keep doing what you’re doing to keep the country strong.

And the Luke Bryan song is part pep talk. “Hey, hey, USA, We ain’t seen our better days. Hell naw, hey y’all, Country on.”

Back in June, Luke Bryan talked about what he first thought of the song when it was pitched to him. “The first time I heard the song, you know, I loved what was being said. I loved who it was being said to. I think as I listened more and more to the demo of the song, I just started telling myself, ‘you know, it’s just one of those classic-sounding songs that sends the message right without being too… it just says it in a real, honest place.’”