Luke Bryan’s Wife Caroline Celebrates Nephew Tilden’s 21st Birthday With Hilarious Message

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Jason Davis/FilmMagic)

Luke Bryan’s wife Caroline is celebrating her nephew Tilden’s milestone 21st birthday.

On November 6, Tilden Cheshire could officially walk into a bar and order a shot. And his adoring aunt couldn’t help but point out how that could benefit her in the near future.

So in an Instagram post, she gave a heartwarming shoutout to the birthday boy and let him know that she’ll be coming for a handout soon.

“You can now legally buy me a glass of Chardonnay…we love you, Prince!!!!” Caroline wrote alongside a photograph of herself and Tilden at a black tie event. “Happy 21st bday!!!

Caroline and Luke Bryan Raised Tilden After he was Orphaned in 2014

As fans can tell from the many social media posts between the two, Tilden and Caroline have a special bond. That’s because Luke and Caroline Bryan raised him since he was in middle school.

Tilden is the son of Luke’s older sister, Kelly, who tragically died in 2007. Her cause of death is unknown. In 2014, Tilden was orphaned when his father, Lee Cheshire died of a heart attack.

Tilden has two sisters who were in college at the time, so the Bryans took him in. Their nephew rounded out their family and became the brother of Luke and Caroline’s sons Bo, 14, and Tate, 12.

 “[The boys] woke up and they had a big brother,” Luke Bryan told PEOPLE magazine.

Luke shared that raising his nephew has been a blessing for many reasons. And being able to “live with” his sister “through her children” is one of the most heartwarming.

But Tilden doesn’t just remind the county music star of his late sister. He also reminds him of his brother Chris, who died in a car accident in 1996. Luke grew up idolizing Bryan and now he sees his son enjoying that same relationship with their cousin.

When the young man moved in, he was only 12. And he instantly bonded with Bo and Tate. Luke said that Bo forged a particularly deep relationship and became a mini Tilden almost immediately.

“He’s my buddy,” Luke said before adding that he considers himself both Tilden’s “uncle and friend, and hopefully a glimpse of a father-like example. When I see him do something that’s a little foolish, I have to insert my adult knowledge into his life and say, ‘You know, if you do this, things will be easier.'”