Luke Bryan Had a Wild Time With Tim Tebow’s Heisman Trophy

by Blake Ells

Luke Bryan won Tim Tebow’s trophy, and he had a lot of fun with it. The former Florida quarterback auctions his Heisman off each year for charity. He hasn’t actually had it in his possession in eight or nine years, he admits. He joined the Dan Patrick Show and talked about the trophy’s travels. Check out the clip below.

“Tim Tebow doesn’t have his Heisman Trophy. He actually hasn’t had it for the last 8 years, as he’s been auctioning it off for charity. Most notably to country star Luke Bryan and Kathie Lee Gifford,” the post is captioned.

“Every six months to year I’ve auctioned it off so people can keep in their homes to, I don’t know, brag about,” Tebow said. “So Luke Bryan – him and his wife, Caroline, who are so sweet – they’re a big part of some nonprofits and we work together. So he and his wife won it. Leading up to Florida/Georgia, because he’s such a Georgia fan, he would put a Georgia jersey on it. He would put peanut butter all over it and let his dog lick it off; he would do all sorts of stuff. And I was like, ‘This isn’t fair.’ He’s trying to hurt my Heisman.”

So Tim Tebow figured out a way to get him back.

“I worked with his wife to get one of his CMA Artist of the Year awards,” Tebow admits. “It’s kind of a unique-looking award. So I started sending videos of me using it as a sparking water opener or a jack for a car to lift it up. So we kept going back and forth. I think the CMAs got upset with it. I didn’t actually hurt it. It just looked like we were using it that way.”

Luke Bryan’s Dog Enjoying the Heisman Trophy

Luke Bryan posted a video to his Instagram back in November of 2020 when he put peanut butter on the Heisman Trophy and let his dog lick it off. Check out that clip below.

“Things are getting pretty nutty around here as we support and celebrate our teams and charities,” Luke Bryan captioned the video, decked out in Georgia gear.

Tim Tebow chimed in.

“I guess it’s been a while since a Bulldog has tasted Heisman,” he quipped.

Ryan Seacrest, an Atlanta native, also got in on the thread.

“You know you’re from Georgia if you’ve tried the peanut butter and fresh peaches combo,” he said.

Luke Bryan also posted video that week of himself using the Heisman Trophy as a dumbbell. Check out that video below.

Maybe Luke Bryan will give it back before the rivalry game happens this year.