Luke Bryan’s Mom Has the Best Reaction to His Halloween Costume

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Danielle Del Valle/Getty Images for E3 Chophouse Nashville)

Unable to hold back her true thoughts, Luke Bryan’s mom shared the best reaction to him and his wife’s Halloween costumes. 

Luke Bryan’s wife Caroline took to her Instagram to share a picture of her and the country music hitmaker posing in their Finding Nemo Halloween costumes. “Happy Halloween from Nemo and Darla,” she captioned the post. 

Luke Bryan also shared the adorably funny snapshot and wrote, “Darla might kill me later. Happy Halloween [Caroline]! And this is not volunteer orange. Ha.” 

While most commenters reacted with laughing emojis and just laughter in general towards the picture, Luke Bryan’s mother, LeClaire, revealed a more detailed description of what she thought of the costumes. “Something is not normal about my family,” she declared. “I am the normal one.” 

The Bryans have a history of wearing some pretty creative Halloween costumes. The couple rocked Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum costumes last year. Other costumes that the duo has worn over the years include American Gladiators, honey and squirrel, and t-rexes. 

Luke Bryan Enjoys Halloween Amid Criticism of Having Ron DeSantis On Stage During Latest Show

Meanwhile, Luke Bryan has been getting hit with criticism after the American Idol judge welcomed Florida Governor Ron DeSantis during his Jacksonville, Florida show this weekend. 

As previously reported, Luke Bryan brought Governor DeSantis on stage to announce fundraising efforts for those impacted by Hurricane Ian, which hit the southwest corner of the state in late September/early October. Critics hit back at the appearance due to DeSantis throwing hats to the crowd. They felt it seemed more like a rally for his political career and less about the hurricane victims.

While explaining why he welcomed the Governor on stage, Bryan stated that the politician asked to come to the concert to help raise funds for the recovery efforts.  “I understand that Gov. DeSantis is a very polarizing figure. But I grew up in a country where if a governor (asks) you if they can come and raise awareness to help victims of a national disaster you help.”

Although the American Idol judge stated he didn’t want to bring politics into his career, the hashtag #BoycottLukeBryan began trending on Twitter. In response to Bryan’s statement, one critic declared, “Block Luke Bryan. Don’t stream his music. Don’t watch his show. This is not an apology. He’s playing victim, without regard to the minority groups his actions harmed.”