Luke Bryan’s Wife Caroline Gives Major Health Update Following Hip Surgery

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

Days after the news broke that Caroline Bryan, wife of country music singer Luke Bryan, had surgery we know the details. She gave fans an update on social media. There was a lot of shock and confusion when the 42-year-old reportedly underwent “unexpected surgery.”

While that sounded scary at the time, Caroline and Luke Bryan remained resolved. Turns out, it wasn’t as “unexpected” as some had thought at first. Caroline just had a problem coming to terms with needing the surgery.

On Instagram, Caroline shared some words with fans and a photo. It showed that she is still using a wheelchair to get around. That is to be expected after a big surgery like this. She titled one post “Getting out of the house,” as a boomerang of her showed Bryan in her new accommodations.

“Finally getting out after a long week and these days I’m not walking and I am rolling in this, but I wanted to give an explanation,” she said. “I know I said unexpected, I just wasn’t ready to accept it. I’ve known for a month I had to have it, so there’s no emergency, no fall, no car wreck.”

Bryan also explained what the issue was that needed fixing.

“I had a torn labrum, hip dysplasia and a lot of arthritis and so it had gotten so bad that we just had to fix it. So that’s it, but I will do whatever they tell me to do to get better and get back out cause this whole not being able to move thing is not for me. But anyway, that’s it.”

The shock for fans was seeing Luke and Caroline Bryan at the CMA Awards and then days later, she was in surgery.

Luke Bryan Fans Were Worried

For Luke Bryan fans, hearing Caroline was in surgery was a bit worrisome. The two are a dynamic duo, pulling pranks on each other, going to all the awards shows, and always being side-by-side for the most part. When Caroline went into surgery, fans took to social media with well wishes and more.

The country music community is a close one. Fans and other artists were quick to offer their messages and words to the Bryan family. Even comedian Leanne Morgan was in the replies offering her prayers for a speedy recovery. There was no shortage of kind messages.

With this ordeal behind them and recovery underway, Luke and Caroline Bryan can start to get back to their usual busy schedule. It just never stops when you’re touring, recording, judging American Idol, or trying to find the perfect place to set up the camera for your latest prank.

Best wishes to Caroline as she continues to rest and recover after surgery.