Luke Bryan’s Wife Hospitalized, Undergoes ‘Unexpected Surgery’

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo by Jason Davis/WireImage)

Luke Bryan‘s wife, Caroline, just updated friends and fans on an unexpected surgery she has to undergo. She let everyone know the situation with a hopeful post on Instagram. In the photo, Caroline is decked out in a hospital gown and cap, supposedly prepping for surgery. She’s awake and giving a big thumbs up to the camera.

“Well,” she began her caption, “unexpected hip surgery….but I got the best care and surrounded by the most selfless friends ever!” The comments were full of support and wishes for a speedy recovery. Nicole Combs, Luke Combs’ wife, commented with three purple heart emojis.

Hopefully, Caroline’s husband, country music star Luke Bryan, is there with her. He wrapped the last night of his tour about a week ago. His most recent Instagram post was an acoustic take of his song “Prayin’ in a Deer Stand.” It seems like he’s home with his family after a whirlwind tour and hosting the CMA Awards, so here’s hoping Caroline has her husband’s support during her unexpected procedure.

Luke Bryan Discusses Balancing Family and Career

Luke Bryan is a household name in the country music sphere and has been for many years now. But, he recently admitted that he feels like he’s spreading himself a little thin between his family and career. Bryan is a father of two boys, Tate and Bo, a devoted husband, and guardian of his nephew and two nieces. But the 46-year-old recently shared that he feels he needs to make a change.

“Yesterday, I left the house,” he shared with Country Now. “We were having an event at my house, and I ran to see three-quarters of Bo’s game, two-quarters of Tate’s game, and ran back into the house to finish the event.”

That change seems easier said than done for Luke Bryan. He has so many commitments in his career, but family life is still monumentally important to him. He also explained that, as his kids get older and move into the next phases of their lives, he may have to take a step back from touring.

“If it’s a busy day, we’re moving and trying to get through each week, but I’ll probably slow it down a little bit as the boys get into high school and want to play even more sports,” he explained.

“It’s a tremendous challenge navigating this career and everything that goes with it,” Bryan admitted. “You just have to make personal goals to get home and move. There are a lot of nights that I travel through the night just to try to be there one day to hang with the boys.”