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Luke Combs Celebrates St. Patrick’s Day By Releasing New Single ‘5 Leaf Clover’: LISTEN

by Samantha Whidden
Luke Combs
(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

Ready to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in a big way, Luke Combs released his new single 5 Leaf Clover on Friday (March 17th).

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“New song 5 Leaf Clover is out now!” Combs declared in a Twitter right at midnight. He also released a full lyrical video of the song on YouTube.

Luke Combs’ new song’s chorus reads, “I know I’m a lucky man, but I ain’t sure why I am/ Cuz it ain’t like anyone deserves the world in the palm of their hand/ Now I hit my knees, thankful as can be/ But the one thing I can’t get over/ How’d a guy like me, who’d have been fine with three/ Wind up with a five-leaf clover?”

Combs’ fans quickly took to Twitter to share their thoughts about the new single. “Seriously one of the best I’ve ever heard from you,” one fan declared. Another fan went on to add, “You killed it brother, already know every word!” 

Luke Combs Reveals the Story Behind ‘Five Leaf Clover’

Earlier this week, Luke Combs also shared details about the story behind the new single. He stated that he and one of his friends were out looking for four-leaf clovers in a clover plot at his house one day. Although he quickly found a four-leaf clover, he was able to find an unusual five-leaf clover as well. “I thought to myself, ‘Man, how lucky do you have to be to find a 5 Leaf Clover?’” the country music star stated. “Didn’t think too much of it at the time, but wrote that down as a title in my phone.”

Luke Combs then wrote that weeks later, while writing with Jessi Alexander and Chase McGill, the title came up. “It still wasn’t really anything that jumped off the page to me,” Combs explained. “But I shared the idea and guitar melody I had with them and they loved it. We ended up writing the song that day.” 

Combs further shared that he started playing the single at shows as well as posted a video of the song. His fans quickly let him know that it was one track that he had to record. “That’s why I’m super pumped for y’all to finally hear it,” Combs declared. He added the full version of the song will be released on March 17th. 

The release of 5 Leaf Clover comes days after Combs’ Going, Going, Gone became his 15th No. 1 hit on country radio. CMT reported that Luke is the first person to accumulate 15 consecutive No. 1 singles upon their debut. He is also one of the fastest to hit the milestone. Other country music artists that have achieved 15 No. 1 songs are Garth Brooks, Alan Jackson, and Alabama. 

His new album Gettin’ Old will be released next Friday (March 24th).