Luke Combs Drops Epic Pic From a ‘Heater’ on the Roulette Table in Las Vegas

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images for Stagecoach)

On Monday (September 26th), country music hitmaker Luke Combs took to his Instagram to share some snapshots of his recent adventure to Las Vegas. The social media post featured an epic pic from a “heater” on a roulette table. 

“The boys were on a HEATER this weekend,” Luke Combs declared on the post’s caption. “2 killer shows in Lake Tahoe, some good golf, [iHeart Radio Festival] in Vegas, and one high stakes Roulette role made for some life long memories with the band and crew.”

Meanwhile, Luke Combs is taking a few days off and will be taking the stage at the MVP Arena in Albany, New York on Friday (September 30th). His The Middle of Somewhere Tour will come to an end in early December. He recently announced his 2023 tour, which will begin in Texas and end in London. Stops on the upcoming tour include Australia, Norway, Belgium, and Ireland. 

Luke Combs Talks About ‘Growin’ Up’ After Becoming a Country Music Star 

While speaking to Variety this past summer, Luke Combs spoke about how he had matured over the years since becoming a country music hitmaker. 

“Sometimes you feel like the kid that’s 21 years old that’s just trying to learn how to play guitar,” Luke Combs stated. “Some days I feel like that guy again. And I feel like I’m 70 some days, and I feel like 18 on other days.”

Luke Combs then spoke about how preparing to become a father also helped with maturing him. “I’m about to have a kid in a couple of weeks. Just in the last few years, turning 30, then 32 … that’s a big change, from 28 to 32, and it’s kind of this change that I never heard about. Because when you’re 21, you feel like you’re an adult.”

He further spoke about his life journey has inspired his Growin’ Up album. “I think there are a few songs on this album that wouldn’t have been on here had I not been where I am in my life now — couple from a musical standpoint, a couple from a lyrical standpoint. Even musically, I was not as afraid of like: Well, what if there’s too many slow songs? When you’re younger, you want to be the fun, energetic guy, and there’s plenty of that stuff on here as well.”

Luke Combs then reflected on the album’s tracks and why there isn’t a lot of heartbreak songs on it. “I’m in a different phase now. Again,[The Kind of Love We Make] probably a song that I wouldn’t have been comfortable cutting a couple of years ago. I’m older now, and less afraid of saying certain or writing different things.”