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Luke Combs Drops Preview of Unreleased Song, ‘Tattoo on a Sunburn’

by Brett Stayton
(Photo by: Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images)

Were the 41 minutes and 28 seconds of new music that Luke Combs dropped on his Growin’ Up album earlier this year not enough for you? Well, it appears the big man has another new song on the way. Combs took to Instagram earlier this evening to showcase a preview of a new unreleased song. It’s titled Tattoo on a Sunburn.

This guy really hasn’t missed on a song since before his 2017 album This One’s for You came out. So it’s safe to assume this new one is gonna be a good tune. Music fans are already having a good-natured riot in his comment section, clamoring for him to release the song ASAP.

He previously previewed the new tune with a little acoustic showcase of the song just a few days ago. Now the recent digital demo has fans thinking the full song might drop sometime soon.

The new tune includes the signature sound of the North Carolinian’s unmistakably deep rumbling vocals while a little light string music plucks around in the background. It’s an easy-going melody that feels like the relaxing saltwater breeze mentioned in the lyrics. The song reminisces about a past romantic entanglement with seemingly positive vibes. It’s clear the relationship has come and gone but the good memories and a literal tattoo still remain. The song preview ends with a light-hearted reference comparing the feeling of casual heartbreak to the sting of getting a tattoo on sunburnt skin. On an unrelated note, one time I got horribly sunburnt on top of really bad poison ivy rashes and it was totally miserable. Anyways, here’s the song:

Luke Combs Wraps Up Monster 2022 By Looking Ahead To 2023

2022 was a monster year for Luke Combs. Not only did he pump out the aforementioned new album, but he also announced an epic new collaboration with Mossy Oak and Crocs. Oh yeah, he and his wife Nicole had a kid earlier this year too, which is kind of a big deal.

It’s fun to reminisce sometimes, as the lyrics in this new song indicate. But when you work as hard as Luke Combs does, you keep your eyes on the horizon for all the good things coming down the track.

Next year is stacking up to be a big year for him. Lainey Wilson recently revealed that a duet between her and Combs might be on the way. He’s also been nominated for a 2023 Grammy Award. Combs also has an absolutely massive stadium tour on deck. Speaking of reminiscing though, go ahead and take a look back and listen to Luke Combs’ previous appearance on Outsider’s Marty Smith Podcast.