Luke Combs Fires Back at Criticism About His New Album ‘Growin’ Up’

by Blake Ells

A student newspaper at Ohio University poked the bear in Luke Combs. “Country fans were let down by ‘Growin’ Up,’ the new album by @lukecombs,” The Post at Ohio University tweeted on Monday. The tweet included a link to a review from a student journalist.

“Hmm… and what fans would that be?” Combs replied in a quote tweet.

The tweet implies that the story includes fan reactions to the album. It’s not that; it’s a review. The author of the review is a writer for the newspaper. The review doesn’t include anything about “fan reception.”

“There is no doubt that Combs understands his audience,” Beach wrote in the review. “But, it seems he’s only making music that blue-collar boys can relate to with the majority of Growin’ Up. Fans of Combs who don’t live that lifestyle are going to have trouble enjoying this new album because there are only a few songs that will resonate with them.”

But as Luke Combs invited his own fans to discuss the tweet, it didn’t seem that anyone agreed.

Fans Are Lovin’ ‘Growin’ Up’ by Luke Combs

The tweet doesn’t quite match the words in the post. The newspaper tagged Luke Combs and he reacted as most anyone would. He spent a lot of time working on his third release, a publication tagged him and he turned it over to his fans for confirmation.

Fans of Luke Combs seem to be loving the new album. Upon release, Luke Combs posted a video to Twitter thanking everyone for their support. He invited his followers to let him know what they think. The replies were overwhelmingly positive.

Folks took to the replies of the original tweet to let The Post know that they disagreed. Hundreds of them echoed the sentiment. Fans have been sharing their favorite tracks from the new album with Luke Combs all weekend. On Monday, he chimed in with one of his own favorites, “Going, Going, Gone,” the final track on the album. Plenty of folks agreed.

It was a busy day for The Post’s social media manager. If Luke’s aim was to prove how loyal his fans are, he succeeded. It’s difficult to find an unkind word amongst the bunch.

Back to the Stadiums

Luke Combs will try to sell out his third stadium of the year when he performs at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta on July 30. It’ll be quite a party, as Cody Johnson, Zach Bryan and Morgan Wade join in support. In September, he’ll begin the ‘Growin’ Up’ Tour in earnest with a pair of dates at Maine Savings Ampitheater in Bangor, ME. Check out all of the dates on his tour at his website.