Luke Combs Drops a Legendary ‘Photo Dump’ Complete With a Turkey, Largemouth, and Guy Fieri

by Jonathan Howard
(Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)

I didn’t think I’d ever see Luke Combs and Guy Fieri in the same place, but… the country music singer proved me and a lot of others wrong. Combs has a new album on the way and has been keeping busy with all kinds of activities since Stagecoach. He sure knows how to pack in a lot of the fun stuff in a few short days.

Over on his Instagram, Combs filled his fans in on what he was doing the last few days. He did it all from hunting turkey and fishing to hanging out with the Mayor of Flavortown and of course, crushing his show at Stagecoach. Check it all out below.

“Little bit of life these last few days,” the Doin’ This singer said. “A few turkey hunts, some more unconventional than others, some top water therapy, golf, went to [F]lavortown, hung out with friends old and new, and of course a night at [Stagecoach] for a show me and the boys will never forget. Had a whole hell of a lot of fun but I’m glad to be back on the couch with my baby [Nicole Combs].”

It doesn’t seem like the country music superstar had any problem finding something to do over the last week. Luke Combs is one of the biggest names in all of country, and he’s doing it up like a country star should with Guy Fieri. Turkey hunts, good food, good people, and a hell of a good festival.

Now that Stagecoach has come and gone, Combs has his eyes on his big tour coming up. The Middle of Somewhere tour is going to come with a song of the same name and a new album Growin’ Up.

Luke Combs Hangs Out with Guy Fieri, Prepares for Big Tour

One of the things that Luke Combs wants to do this summer, besides hanging out with Guy Fieri, is to have a great tour. The Middle of Somewhere tour is set up to be one of his best. He has his first two albums packed with hits and the new record will likely add to that. At this point, the singer could probably play a couple of hours straight on just his own tunes.

One of his plans is to keep ticket prices low. He wants them to be the same prices as they were before 2020. So, 2019 Luke Combs prices in 2022. If he can do that for most of his shows, fans sure will appreciate it. It seems that ticket prices keep climbing each year and they never stop.

Combs knows his fanbase and knows that they want to see good music for a good price. People are willing to spend money to see their favorite performers. However, it is clear that there is a point where a lot of fans just can’t justify the price changes. Hopefully, the redheaded singer keeps his promise and keeps prices relatively low.