Luke Combs Opens Up About Adjusting to Fatherhood

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images for St. Jude)

Just a few months after he and his wife Nicole welcomed their son Tex Lawrence, Luke Combs opens up about adjusting to fatherhood.  

While speaking to CMT, Luke Combs stated that fatherhood is amazing. “It’s totally different. Your life just completely changes. People say that all the time, and it probably sounds like the most cliche thing in the entire world, but it’s really true. It’s just really like, instantly. Everything’s completely different.” 

As part of adjusting to fatherhood, Luke Combs said that he’s learned how to cope with things that might have upset him before. “I’m just not bothered about being, like, just, you know, covered in someone else’s bodily fluids,” he jokingly admitted. “Like, I was really worried about that. It’s kind of one of these things where there’s no easing into this. You know what I mean?”

Luke Comb further explained that fatherhood is pretty unpredictable as well. “It’s not like you leave the doctor or before you go have the kid, there’s not like someone calls and goes, ‘Okay, you’re having this kid (this) month. So every day for the next three days, you got to change a diaper a day, and then it’s going to go up to two.’ It just immediately goes to like eight or nine.”

Luke Combs and his wife officially became parents on June 19th with the arrival of Tex. At the time, Nicole shared, “It’s going to be hard to top this past Father’s Day. Welcome to the world, Tex Lawrence Combs. You are the best chillest angel boy and I’m so happy I was chosen to be your mom. These are the days.” 

Luke Combs Previously Stated that Fatherhood Gives Him ‘New Perspective’ On His Weight Struggles 

A couple of weeks after Luke Combs and Nicole introduced their little one to the world, the country singer and songwriter stated that fatherhood has given him a new perspective on his weight issues. 

“This having a kid thing has really messed up my head on this thing in the best way,” Luke Combs said during an interview on Zane Lowe’s Apple Music 1. “I want to be around… I’m fine right now, my cholesterol and my blood pressure [are] fine because I’m a younger guy, but by the time I’m 45, [they’re] not going to be because of the shape that I’m in.” 

Luke Combs also said that weight struggles have always been something that bugged him. “Especially when you’re younger, you’re like, ‘Man, I just got a horrible genetic dice roll on this thing.’ You start to realize that almost even more when you’re older. Not that I don’t pig out because I do pig out. I’m not trying to say it’s not my fault because it is in a lot of ways. But also I got to this point where I’m like, ‘Man, I’d really love to trim down,’ and it’s so hard for me to do that.”