Luke Combs Proudly Poses With His 6-Pound Largemouth Catch: PHOTO

by Jonathan Howard

What is it with these country music singers snagging fish I wanna catch? Luke Combs joined Luke Bryan on the fishing train this week. I mean, it’s the best time of year to be getting out there. Just before the real big mosquitos come out, the temperatures aren’t too high, and here in the south, the humidity is relatively low.

Of course, Combs put out a little teaser of one of his upcoming songs from his new album. “On the Other Line” is among the tracks on Growin’ Up which will drop on June 24. This summer, everyone that likes to put a line in the water and hook a couple of largemouths, has a new song.

If you’re trying to get some fishing in, but your significant other won’t stop calling, this is going to be your song. Luke Combs is already getting some mileage out of the unreleased song, it seems. Check out the post below.

Now, this fish might not have been six pounds, but we’ll give Luke the benefit of the doubt. The country music singer hooked himself a nice fish, and that pond looks like a great place to catch a whole bunch of others. So, he can say that fish is as big as he wants to.

While fans wait for the new album to come out, perhaps fishing would be a good way to pass the time. Put on some of those old Combs songs and get a line in the water. It’s that time of year, and I can’t wait to hook my first fish of 2022. Got any good spots that you’re dying to hit this year, Outsiders? Or have you already started to set hooks and reel in the big ones?

Luke Combs Fishing Between Stadium Show and Upcoming Album Release

The life of Luke Combs is one that many of us wish we could live. Singing country music songs in front of thousands, selling out NFL stadiums. Then, there are the small parts. Like getting in some great fishing while you wait for your third studio album to come out. It’s an exciting time to be the singer-songwriter, that’s for sure.

Combs blew up from the jump when his first album dropped and since then he’s just been doing it time and time again. He’s struck lightning twice and with another 12-track album coming up, with a Miranda Lambert feature, it’s bound to be three times. Oh, and Combs and his wife are expecting a baby any day now. So, again, a good time to be Luke.

With all of that going on, I’m sure that he was happy to get some downtime and fish for a while. Let it all just fade into the background. You are never too busy to go fishing, isn’t that what all the wise old-timers say?