Luke Combs Recalls ‘Rowdiest’ Moment From CMA Fest Performances Over the Years

by Jonathan Howard

When Luke Combs performs, he goes hard, and that was clear at the CMA Fest in 2019. Tim McGraw and Combs lit the stage up. One solidified country music legend and another artist well on his way to making his own name. This was a performance that put together two artists that rarely perform together, but it was clear after that they need to share the stage more often.

In an interview with Today’s Country Radio on Apple Music, the country music singer talked about the “rowdiest” moment on stage. The 2019 CMA Fest performance provided us with that great moment where both artists clasped hands, and then chest bumped until they were both about ready to fall over.

A little tug of war in a way. Check out the clip below and see for yourself.

Singing Real Good Man together, the two artists left it all out on the stage. There wasn’t anyone there that didn’t feel the energy and impact of that performance. Hell, even watching from home got your blood pumping. You get two artists that are all about bringing the energy and having a great time, and this is what you’re going to get.

Clearly, the performance left an impact on Combs. Getting to take the stage with an artist like McGraw is a big deal. The singer-songwriter has blown up in a big way in the last few years and that momentum seems to only be growing.

So, what do you think about the performance, Outsiders? Was this something that got you stoked and pumped up watching, or is it just not your cup of tea? I just hope we get to talk about these two singers taking the stage together again sometime soon.

Luke Combs From CMA Fest to New Album on the Way

Combs is on a rocket ship to stardom. With all that he has already done in his career, the singer-songwriter is well on his way to becoming a legend in the genre. He brings the energy, emotion, lyrics, and style to his shows. He has his own way of doing things and fans have responded by buying all of his albums, coming out to shows, and supporting him through everything.

Luke Combs has played the CMA Fest, he’s played just about every award show, for that matter. His albums have sold like crazy and his singles climb to the top of the charts every time that he releases one. It’s just one thing after another after another. The thing is, he has a new album coming out next month, so the hype is only going to grow.

With just under a month until that new album Growin’ Up drops, fans are dying to hear it. Miranda Lambert is the only feature on the lbum in a special duet. So, keep on the lookout for that on June 24.