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Luke Combs Releases Acoustic Version of ‘Going, Going, Gone’

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Terry Wyatt/WireImage via Getty Images)

It’s no secret that Luke Combs is more than generous when it comes to his fans. For instance, earlier this year, he stopped a show to talk to a group of young fans and offered to reimburse them for their tickets. The list of his acts of kindness continues to grow longer. This morning, Combs gave his entire fanbase a gift just in time for Christmas.

The acoustic version of “Going, Going Gone” is now available to stream on all platforms. Luke Combs took to social media earlier today to let his fans know the good news. The post also included a short clip of the stripped-down version of the song. Check out the full song below.

The acoustic arrangement fits this heartbreak ballad like a glove. At the same time, it allows the instantly-recognizable guitar riff that runs throughout the song to really shine.

“Going Going Gone” Is One of Luke Combs’ Favorites from Growin’ Up

Luke Combs released the album cut of this song as a single back in October. When he did, he said that it was one of his favorite songs from his latest album. It’s easy to see why. Lyrically, this song sees Combs treading some new ground. He’s done heartbreak songs before. However, he usually paired that pain with booze or a tell-off to the ex. This one, though, sees Combs accepting that his love is leaving.

In a chat with Stage Right Secrets, Luke Combs talked a little about writing the song. He said that he, Ray Fulcher, and James McNair were working on writing songs for the album. Combs had the title “Going, Going Gone” in his phone for years and they were finally going to write the song. It all started with that ear-catching guitar part.

“We’re sitting there… trying to figure out what we’re going to write. And, we had decided we were going to write ‘Going, Going Gone’ and I was just playing this riff,” Luke Combs said. “The riff really became the focal point of the song for me.”

Luke Combs went on to say that he took some inspiration from “Fast Car” by Tracy Chapman. “In no way is this song even close to as good as that one. But, I’ve always loved how that riff… the second it gets played, you know what song it is and you love it. I wanted to try to create something that was my own version of that,” Combs said.

It’s interesting to note that Growin’ Up is the first of Combs’ albums on which he played guitar. That makes the fact that this song came from a guitar riff he wrote even cooler.

About the finished product, Luke Combs said, “This is one of my favorite songs melodically and musically that we did on the whole record.”