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Luke Combs Reveals 18-Song Album Dropping in March

by Samantha Whidden
Luke Combs announces upcoming 2023 album
(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

Exciting news for Luke Combs’ fans! The country music hitmaker took to his social media accounts to announce his upcoming 18-track album, which will be released in March. 

In the social media post from Wednesday (January 4th), Luke Combs declared, “New album. 18 songs. March 24.” The image in the post also shared the same news. 

Among those celebrating the big news included Luke Combs’ wife Nicole, who declared, “SO FIVE LEAF CLOVER OR WHAT.” And CMT wrote, “Wow, wow, WOW.” 

The new untitled album from Luke Combs will be the country music artist’s fourth studio album. His third studio album, Growin’ Up, was released in June 2022. Among the singles from that album include Doin’ This, The Kind of Love We Make, and Going, Going, Gone. The album also featured a duet with Miranda Lambert called Outrunning’ Your Memory. 

Luke Combs Previously Opened Up About His Country Music Career Quickly Taking Off 

While speaking to Variety after the release of his album Growin’ Up, Luke Combs spoke about how his music career felt like an overnight success. 

“I try so hard to live as much of a normal life as humanly possible,” Luke Combs explained. “I know that maybe that’s a pure dream, and maybe that’s like the most arrogant thing anybody’s ever said, because obviously my life is drastically different than it was when I started out.”

Luke Combs also said that he feel like if he really sunk his teeth into the idea that he’s a “successful celebrity guy,” he’ll just go down a rabbit hole that’s “insanely unreliable.”

“It would feel really disingenuous to write songs from that perspective,” Luke Combs continued. “Even though you’re in it. You know what I mean? So I spend a lot of time outside. I spend a lot of time with my wife, sitting on the couch, watching TV, cooking dinner.”

Meanwhile, Luke Combs stated that he and his wife Nicole live a pretty normal existence despite his stardom. “We’re not on some jet every week going to exotic locations. On our farm an hour outside of Nashville, we have chickens and dogs and cats.”

Luke Combs reiterated that he didn’t get into music to be somebody that he’s not or be a mega-celebrity. “I wouldn’t be OK with myself if that’s the way that I was acting. The songwriting would be really hard for me if I were doing all these really over-the-top things.”

However, Luke Combs added that he doesn’t want stardom to ever go away. “I don’t ever want it to go away; the big shows are just so fun. But the thing that I love about what I do is not about being seen by anybody at a cool restaurant. It’s about writing songs that I love and playing ‘em for people that love ‘em too.”