Luke Combs Reveals ‘Crazy’ Detail About Half the Songs on Upcoming ‘Growin’ Up’ Album

by Chris Haney
(Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images for Stagecoach)

On Monday night, country music star Luke Combs shared with his fans that there’s still six brand new songs from his upcoming album Growin’ Up that no one’s ever heard before. The singer has released one single, portions of a few songs on social media, and performed others live in concert. Therefore fans have at least heard parts of half of Combs’ new album. However, his newest 12-song studio album has plenty more for fans to look forward to hearing soon.

On April 22, Luke Combs released the lead single “Tomorrow Me” off of Growin’ Up. Since then, he posted teaser clips of a few other songs to his official Twitter account as well. So far, fans have heard portions of the tracks “Doin This” and “Middle of Somewhere.” The latter he just posted earlier last week. In addition, “Middle of Somewhere” is also the name of Combs’ upcoming tour that he announced recently.

In Combs tweet from yesterday, he revealed he has “posted about or played live 6 of the 12 songs on the new album.” As he continued, that means fans “have never heard half of the songs” from Growin’ Up.

The country musician’s legion of fans don’t have too much longer to wait though now. His highly-anticipated new studio album Growin’ Up will release on June 24. Only six weeks more to wait until we get to hear the full album and all 12 songs of his newest material.

Luke Combs Shares Portion of ‘Middle of Somewhere’ Off of ‘Growin’ Up’

Speaking of Growin’ Up coming out in the near future, Luke Combs may have another hit on the way soon. Last Monday, the country singer posted a clip of his unreleased song titled “Middle of Somewhere.” That helped explain the name of his new tour as well, which is named after the track. Since “Middle of Somewhere” is the name of his new tour as well, it could be released as the second single sometime soon.

Considering that’s the name of the new tour, we can expect the track to be included on his upcoming album Growin’ Up. The new song is a tribute to small towns across America. The singer highlights the communities and the people that live in them on the track. Travelers often drive through what they consider the “middle of nowhere” when passing through smaller communities. However, Luke Combs is shining a light on rural areas and saying they’re just as important as any larger cities in the nation.

“For those wondering where the tour name came from… Middle of Somewhere (unreleased original),” Luke Combs wrote in his Twitter post.

At the end of April, Luke Combs announced the Middle of Somewhere Tour, which will run until the end of 2022. The tour kicks off on September 2, about six weeks after his new album Growin’ Up releases.