Luke Combs Reveals His Mount Rushmore of All-Time Favorite Artists

by Jonathan Howard

One of the best questions you can ask an artist is to list their influences. Country music star Luke Combs recently listed his top artists. With a new album coming out, a newborn baby, and a lot of craziness in between, the singer-songwriter found some time to sit down and talk to Billboard about what life is like and a few other topics.

Luke Combs has 13 straight No. 1 singles, he’s never not topped the charts with a release. The man has become the genre’s top star in just a few short years. With that in mind, he spoke to the folks that handle all of those charts.

During the interview, Combs was asked to list his top-4 artists, his Mount Rushmore, dead or alive, and from any genre. So, basically, who his biggest influences are and his favorite artists. The answers are going to surprise you.

“For people that I feel like have influenced me, personally, I’ll try to make it easier on myself. … I’d probably say, Vince Gill, Eric Church would be up there for me, Elton John would probably be up there for me, there’s a lot. Billy Joel would be in the conversation.”

How about The Rocket Man and The Piano Man getting up in that Mount Rushmore? That’s a strong list, and one that makes sense the more you think about it. He isn’t the guy you probably think he is. For instance, he also mentioned in the interview that he’s a cat guy! Who saw that coming?

Other wild and strange answers from the video interview included the fact that he wants to work with Adele in the future. Also, if he was given the chance to change to any other genre, he’d be a rapper. Imagine that!

Luke Combs Prepares for Album Release on June 24

While Luke Combs is a new daddy, he’s got some responsibilities coming up at the office. While his office takes the form of a recording studio or sold-out stadium most of the time, it’s still his workplace. Even with a newborn, Combs is going to have to do some promotion with his new album dropping this Friday.

We are so close to hearing Growin’ Up for the first time. We’ve heard some of the music. Some full-length songs, others just snippets. When the project finally comes out, fans are going to lose their minds. The third studio album from Combs has a lot of hype behind it, and for good reason. He’s likely going to match or exceed the success from his first two releases, and that’s an accomplishment in and of itself if it happens.

So, Outsiders, are you staying up til midnight Friday to hear this one?