Luke Combs Reveals Why He Is Open About Personal Struggles

by Clayton Edwards

After a little over five years in the business, Luke Combs is one of the biggest stars in country music. Every album or single he has ever released has shot to the top of the charts. When he announces a show at just about any venue, it sells out. During those concerts, he goes out of his way to give his fans everything he has and then some. However, he doesn’t want people to forget that he’s also just a guy.

In recent months, Luke Combs has been open about some of his personal struggles. Not long after having his first son, Combs talked about wanting to lose weight to live longer for his boy. In doing so, he revealed that he’s been battling his weight since he was a kid. Additionally, Combs has been open about struggling with “crippling” OCD and anxiety.

In an interview with the Washington Post, Luke Combs talked about why he is open about those struggles.

Luke Combs on Sharing His Struggles

Not many people are comfortable sharing their body image or mental health issues, but Luke Combs doesn’t mind. He hopes that hearing that he has issues will help someone else. “There’s probably some other chubby kid out there that is self-conscious about the way he looks and he’s a great singer,” Combs explained. “IF he digs into that and does that and it’s because of something I said, that would be a win for me to give somebody hope that things are going to be all right.”

Luke Combs knows what he’s talking about here. He doesn’t look like the kind of artist that gets pushed in mainstream country music. A good number of modern male country artists could double as Abercrombie models. Combs, on the other hand, looks exactly like what he is – a good ol’ boy.

“Luke came into our office and sang and when he walked in, he did not look like a lot of the archetypal male artists within country music at the time,” recalled Sony Music Nashville chairman and chief executive Randy Goodman. “But the voice that came out of him was one of those kinds of things where everything else kind of melts away… It was so powerful to be in his presence and have him playing his acoustic guitar. It was pretty overwhelming.”

Luke Combs did not need to look or sound like a Nashville archetype to make it big. His authenticity, relatability, and songwriting made him a favorite of countless country fans. In turn, they propelled him to stardom. If you look a little more closely at his career it becomes more than a success story, it’s an inspiration.