Luke Combs Shares His Favorite Country Songs On TikTok Right Now

by Lauren Boisvert

Recently, country music star Luke Combs shared some of his favorite songs on TikTok right now, and his own song “Tomorrow Me” was among them. He’s been loving songs from Zach Bryan, Cody Johnson, and Lainey Wilson, among others. Let’s take a listen to a selection of his favorites and see how Luke Combs’ taste in music holds up.

Luke Combs Reveals Favorite Country Songs, and They’re All Tracks We’re Loving As Well

‘Buy Dirt’ – Jordan Davis

It makes sense that Luke Combs loves this song, as he did an acoustic cover of Jordan Davis’ “Buy Dirt” back in April. Then, he announced that Davis would be joining him on tour. So, it all comes full circle. The song is a testament to hard work and the simple things in life, initially told by the speaker’s grandfather as he rocks on the porch. The notion of buying dirt is, to Davis, “faith, family and friends, and really finding your happiness,” as he described on Today’s Country Radio. It’s buying into the earth, connecting to your roots, finding what means to most to you and chasing that instead of constantly climbing that corporate ladder.

”Til You Can’t’ – Cody Johnson

Another one that makes sense, but more so in the fact that this is just a great song from Cody Johnson overall. I’ve been calling this song the memento mori of country music, in that it reminds us that we really don’t have long on this earth. “‘Til You Can’t” urges us to get out there and do the things that scare us like a lot of country songs in this vein do; but mostly it’s about doing the little things, like calling your mom or going fishing with your dad, or proposing to your girlfriend finally. It’s those small things that you’ll really miss out on later, so cherish those people while you have them. Songwriters Benjamin Stennis and Matthew Rogers really knocked it out of the park with this one, and Cody Johnson always seems to love performing it.

‘Something in the Orange (Z&E’s Version)’ – Zach Bryan

Zach Bryan is dominating country music right now with the recent release of his American Heartbreak album, and rightfully so; the album is a powerhouse lyrically and sonically, with “Something in the Orange” highlighting his command of language and imagery. “Z&E’s Version” of “Something in the Orange” is a lamenting acoustic cut with a melancholy harmonica in place of the original guitar; there’s something about this version that hits deeper. It’s back-woodsy, folksy, calling to mind Bob Dylan’s early work but with a more rhythmic melody. Additionally, Zach Bryan has a voice unlike any in contemporary country music right now, I think; raspy, yet guttural, not too twangy, but it has a certain lilt to it that I can’t quite place. Essentially, he has a mournful sound that I very much enjoy.