Luke Combs Shares One of His ‘Personal Favorites’ from His New Album

by Blake Ells

Growin’ Up by Luke Combs has been out for a few days now. It’s the country music titan’s third full-length album. Fans already heard “Doin’ This,” “Tomorrow Me” and “The Kind of Love We Make.” The songs have been in regular rotation at country radio over the past month. Now, there are nine additional tracks to choose from. Maybe your favorite is the duet with Miranda Lambert, “Outrunnin’ Your Memory.”

Now we know one of Luke’s own favorite album cuts.

“This is one of my personal favorites on the new album – ‘Going, Going, Gone,'” Combs captioned the post. Plenty of fans in the replies agreed. The ballad is the album’s final track.

The track is about a relationship with a woman that’s a free spirit. She’s not really one to settle down. The narrator is coping with that reality and recalling the good times that they shared.

“Some things in life are meant to fly. And others, they were born to run. You can’t tie them up and leavin.’ Like the changing of the seasons. Good things, they come and they go.” Luke Combs shares the first verse and chorus in the video that he posted.

The short, acoustic performance appears to be at one of Luke’s recent stadium shows. He’s decked out in a Hank Williams, Jr. t-shirt and a Merle Haggard baseball cap in the black and white video.

“Hell of a Week” for Luke Combs

On Friday, June 17, Luke Combs released “The Kind of Love We Make.” It was the final single to come in advance of the record. On Father’s Day, he welcomed his first child to the world. And on Friday, June 24, the third album arrived.

In a short video that he posted on the day of the album release, Combs called it “a hell of a week.”

“I’m so glad you guys are finally getting to hear these things,” he added. “And I’m really looking forward to hearing what you guys think about these things. So hit me in the comments, whatever, let me know what you think. A lot more music comin’ soon. Love y’all, thank you so much for the support.”

Fans seem to really be enjoying the record, and some even mentioned “Going, Going, Gone” in response to his question. That was before he shared that it was one of his own favorites.

One fan may have given Luke Combs an idea for his next song.

Not that Combs needed the nudge, but his fatherhood will surely become an inspiration as he looks toward new writing. Luke will take the rest of the month off to spend time with his wife Nicole and baby Tex.