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Luke Combs Shocks Joe Rogan With Wild Beer-Drinking Technique

by Samantha Whidden
Luke Combs Shocks Joe Rogan With Wild Beer-Drinking Technique
(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

Although a lot has changed over the years thanks to his exciting career, there’s one thing that country music star Luke Combs is shocked hasn’t changed – his ability to shotgun beers. 

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During his recent appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, Combs chatted about his former shotgunning beer techniques. “I can’t tell you how many beers I shotgunned in college, and now I can shotgun a beer, and like 60,000 people are stoked about it,” the singer and songwriter stated. “I’m like, ‘That’s awesome, dude.’ I did seven or eight of these a night. For years.”

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Then during his interview, Luke Combs bit into the side of a beer can and then shotgunning the beer. Rogan then challenged Combs to see who can shotgun beer faster. Safe to say, the country music star quickly dominated the challenge. 

Luke Combs also recently spoke to Esquire about the changes he quickly noticed. “I think I’m finally at peace with it now,” he explained. “It was tough for a few years—feeling like you couldn’t go anywhere like you couldn’t do anything. That’s kind of going away.”

Combs noted that he’s just living his life and continues to go to public places, like grocery stores and restaurants. “I used to not even do that stuff because it was overwhelming—it always felt like somebody was looking at you or watching you or something. But now I honestly forget about that whole part of it.”

Luke Combs Says He Wants His Children to Have As Normal of a Life As Possible 

Meanwhile, Luke Combs stated that despite his music career’s high-profile success, he wants his son (and eventually other children) to have a normal life as they deserve to have. 

“To ride bikes, to have privacy, to go fishing,” he said. “I don’t want them to be on jets all the time going all around the world—not that we wouldn’t go on vacation together… I want them to have the things that I didn’t have.”

However, Luke Combs said he wants his children to have things that he did have while growing up. This means he wants them to have a normal, but really fun, childhood. 

In regards to how he achieves his successful career, Luke Combs admitted he understands that nothing lasts forever. “You obviously would love for it to keep going,” he added. “But chasing records or streaks, I don’t benefit from it as a human being. It’s great to have the most weeks at Number One or whatever; that stuff’s amazing. Nobody wouldn’t want those things.”