Luke Combs Speaks Out About His ‘Crippling’ OCD

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images for Stagecoach)

You really never know what someone is dealing with behind the scenes. It’s impossible to know how hard it is for someone to go through a normal day while fighting their own brain unless you’ve witnessed it first-hand. That’s because many people don’t share their battles with things like anxiety, depression, or obsessive-compulsive disorder. Recently, Luke Combs opened up about his mental health issues.

Many fans would never guess that Luke Combs fights with anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder. After all, he’s one of the biggest stars in country music today. It seems like he’s constantly sitting down for interviews, playing shows, and making fans’ days. But, he does.

Recently, Luke Combs recorded a show at Charlotte, North Carolina’s Coyote Joe’s for Apple Music. Before he hit the stage, Combs sat down with Apple Music’s Kelleigh Bannen to talk about his latest album, having a son, and more. During the interview, Combs revealed that he battles some mental health issues.

Luke Combs Talks About His “Crippling” OCD

While talking about how much being a dad changed his life, Luke Combs revealed that he has dealt with serious anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder. This came as a complete shock to Bannen.

“I was fine before [having a son], but I did tend to have pretty tremendous anxiety at times in my life,” Combs revealed. When a stunned Bannen shared that she deals with serious anxiety, Combs went a little deeper. “Mine was like really bad OCD… It was like, ‘crippling’ is a word I would use.”

However, Luke Combs revealed that these issues never affected his live shows or making music. “Because it’s not about that stuff,” he said. Then, Bannen asked what his OCD and anxiety were about. “Could be anything,” he revealed. “It’s really like stuff that’s out of my control. Whether it’s like my health or… stuff you can never get an answer to.”

Luke Combs found a healthy way to deal with his issues, though. “You have to learn to live with the uncertainty of never knowing. That becomes the only way to get over it.”

The Pandemic, Having a Family Helped Combs See Things Differently

Luke Combs credits the events of the last few years with helping him deal with his mental health issues. “I look at things now in ways that I never would have been able to before,” he explained. He went on to say that it wasn’t just becoming a father that changed him but everything that’s happened in the last couple of years. He married his wife Nicole two years ago and has been navigating his rise to fame for five years.

“Even before the kid,” Luke Combs said. “After getting married and spending all that time at home during COVID. Just a bunch of stuff happened.”