Luke Combs Teases Poster for Upcoming ‘The Kind of Love We Make’ Music Video Release: PHOTO

by Lauren Boisvert

Luke Combs had some big news to share recently, and it’s an announcement of his newest music video for the single “The Kind of Love We Make.” He announced the video with a clever poster themed around the video. It’s designed to look like the front page of a newspaper, and there are some fun clues hidden among the articles.

First, in the top left under the headline “A TA Films Production,” are all the credits for the video. On the right, under a photo of a couple dancing, is what looks like a newspaper article; it is, in fact, the lyrics to the song. Then, on the bottom, is an actual report that gives us a few clues as to what the video could be about.

Apparently, the fire department is involved; the report mentions a fire started by candles near a flammable window treatment. So, looks like a couple of lovers are going to try and get romantic, and end up nearly burning the house down. Overall, this is a clever way of introducing fans to the video. I bet ten bucks the video is going to start with this image, then burn it away from the center, “Bonanza”-style. The video drops this Friday, June 17, so keep an eye out.

Luke Combs Announces CMA Fest is Last Show Before Son is Born

During his performance at CMA Fest, Luke Combs also shared some big news; CMA Fest was his last show as a “not-dad.” He doesn’t have another show scheduled until July 7, so somewhere between now and then, his wife Nicole Hocking is going to give birth to their first child.

Speaking with The Tennessean before the show, Combs elaborated on what he’s excited for when it comes to fatherhood. He shared that it would be “pretty cool” to see his son pick up a guitar when he gets older, but right now, “I think I’m just trying to get through the diaper stage,” he admitted. “He’s not even here yet. So I’m assuming I’ll probably end up doing a lot of that.” 

Combs and Hocking announced their pregnancy on January 20, 2022, after waiting a few months. “Here we go y’all!” Combs wrote on Instagram. “Lil dude Combs is coming this Spring! Couldn’t be more excited to start a family with this babe. It’s gonna be a hell of a ride.”

After his son’s birth, Luke Combs will be starting off on his first stadium tour in the fall. He also has some festival dates planned starting July 7. I have to wonder, will his son get a backstage look at dad’s whirlwind career right out of the gate? Or is it still a little early for that? Either way, his kid is looking at a life full of music soon.