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Luke Combs Tells Story Behind Highly-Anticipated Single ‘5 Leaf Clover’

by Taylor Cunningham
Luke Combs
(Photo by JC Olivera/WireImage)

Luke Combs has a new single called 5 Leaf Clover on the horizon, and it has the sweetest story from thought to radio.

The song appropriately comes out this Friday, which happens to be St. Patrick’s Day. In anticipation of the release, the Grammy nominee detailed the creative process behind it on Instagram. Apparently, it all started with an actual five-leaf clover, which according to Garden Guide, is so rare that there is only a one in one million chance of spotting one.

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“A while back, my buddy Newdy and I were looking around the clover plot at my house for 4 leaf clovers,” Combs explained. “I eventually found one. But shortly thereafter, he found a 5 leaf clover. and I thought to myself, ‘man, how lucky do you have to be to find a five-leaf clover?”

Luke Combs’ New Song is Part of His Upcoming Album ‘Gettin’ Old’

Combs thought the situation made for a great song title, so he wrote it down in his phone and carried on with his day. Then some weeks later, he was songwriting with his collaborators Jessi Alexander and Chase McGill and the idea popped back into his head.

“It still wasn’t anything that really jumped off the page to me, but I shared the idea and guitar melody I had with them and they loved it. We ended up writing the song that day,” Combs continued. “I eventually started playing it at shows and posting a video of the song, and y’all quickly let me know it was one I had to record, That’s why I’m super pumped for y’all to finally hear it THIS Friday, March 17.”

Luke Combs announced the song on February 18 via Twitter. Along with the news, he included a one-minute snippet of the song that celebrates his luck in life and love.

I make it home every evening/to an angel/god sent from above/ Got an 8 point on camera from last year/That this season looks like a 10/I got a barn with a fridge full of cold beer/On the weekend it’s full of good friends

In the refrain, Combs admits he’s “a lucky man” but he “ain’t sure why.”

5 Leaf Clover landed on Luke Combs’ upcoming album, Gettin’ Old, which is set to drop on March 24.