Luke Combs Debuts Unreleased Original ‘Middle of Somewhere’

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images for Stagecoach)

Luke Combs just announced his Middle of Somewhere Tour, and for fans wondering where he got the name from, he also announced that, too. Combs recently posted a clip from an unreleased song titled “Middle of Somewhere,”; it’s definitely got us all excited for the upcoming “Growin’ Up” album. He also released the full-length single for “Tomorrow Me” a few weeks ago, as well.

The country music star tweeted the clip with the caption, “For those wondering where the tour name came from…” and the sample of the studio cut of the song is already hooking us. It seems to be a celebration of small towns. It’s highlighting how a lot of people travel through “the middle of nowhere” and don’t think twice about the people who actually live there. “Middle of Somewhere” aims to bring attention to those small towns, and lets you know that, hey, people live here.

The chorus goes, “And we like life that way, sweet and slow and simple / Ain’t for much we pray, ’cause all we need’s a little / So just remember when you’re driving through nowhere / To us that’s the middle of somewhere.” What I’m hearing so far is a nice tribute to nowhere towns. It calls to mind the time I drove through Pumpkintown, North Carolina, and wondered if anyone actually lived there. I doubt Luke Combs is singing about anything as small as Pumpkintown; it’s little more than a road and a general store, but the sentiment is there for me.

“Middle of Somewhere” sounds like a top track already; no doubt it’ll be featured heavily in his live performances, and I can’t wait to hear the full version. Luke Combs is continually releasing great singles, and we can’t wait for the whole album.

Luke Combs Announces ‘Middle of Somewhere’ Song, Plus Everything We Know About the Tour and New Album

On Friday, April 29, Luke Combs announced his Middle of Somewhere Tour for the end of 2022, closing out the year with incredible performances. He also promised to keep ticket prices the same as they were pre-pandemic, despite rising prices of literally everything right now. He listed the tour dates as well, beginning on September 2.

As for his new album, “Growin’ Up,” it comes out on June 24; we’ll have plenty of time to learn all the new lyrics before the tour starts. Combs has already released one full-length single, “Tomorrow Me,” as well as clips of “The Love We Make” and “Five Leaf Clover.” Now, we’ve got “Middle of Somewhere” to add to the list. Hopefully we’ll be getting full-length singles of those songs soon. We’re definitely keeping an eye on Luke Combs’ Twitter for hints.

“Tomorrow Me” is a great song that deals with making grown-up decisions and avoiding regret; it seems like the themes of the album could include maturity, respect, and love. It sure seems like that from the clips we’re hearing; we’ll have to wait for the full album to find out.